What Is Your Unique Factor?

Virtual Hired Hand - What Is Your Unique Factor

For #FBF, originally posted October 6, 2011 What Is Your Unique Factor? When you think of the word unique, what comes to mind? Different Unusual Weird Uncommon Only one of its kind This list could go on and on. Are you aware of what sets you apart from everyone else who does what you do? […]

Focus On The Audience


The biggest mistake we can make as online business owners is to be so focused on what we’re doing that we forget about our audience. And just to narrow it down further, we forget the one person in our audience. It can be daunting to focus on this major audience. I mean even if you […]

6 Ways To Use Social Media For Webinars

6 Ways To Use Social Media For Webinars

More than likely you already know what you want to share on a webinar or have several somethings you’d like to share with your audience during a virtual event. I’m taking this wild guess because you found the topic of this article of interest. Do you know what your audience has to say in regards […]