How Secure Is Your Facebook?

by Tiffany on February 5, 2015

How many people have tried to logon to your Facebook account?

One of my FB friends posted there were 6 attempts on her account. She asked a few others and they too had people who had tried to login to their account.

So how do you know if someone’s been trying to access your Facebook?

From your personal profile, click on the downward arrow in the corner.

Then, click on the last option, Where You’re Logged In,

You’ll then be able to see all of the browsers where your login information was used to logon to Facebook.

If you see any that aren’t from your location, then someone else may have accessed your account.

Because I access client accounts on Facebook, it’s really important that my personal profile is highly secured. If someone accesses my account, then they could also access client pages as well.

To secure your account,

Modify the settings for,

#1 Login Notifications: This means you’ll be sent an email each time someone tries to access your account. It will go to the email address you use on Facebook.

#2 Login Approvals: You’ll receive a special code from Facebook each time you or someone else logs into your Facebook account. You’ll receive the code via text message. It’s a pain, however nothing as painful as if someone you didn’t know were to access your account.

#3 Code Generator: You have to be logged into Facebook either on your phone or computer to access the Code Generator. I used to use this, however I prefer just getting the text message. There were times when I was not at my computer and using my cell phone. Nothing like trying to get on Facebook to access the Code Generator so you can get on Facebook. Yeah, you don’t get on, so this option for me, defeated the purpose.

Be sure to select at least two of the security options referenced above.

If you’re using a social media virtual assistant who accesses your Facebook account, make sure she has the same thing setup on her account as well.

Now that your Facebook account is safer,

Make it a FABULOUS day ;-)

Hi, I am Tiffany Parson! As the CEO and Founder of Virtual Hired Hand and ThePodcastVA. I am a Technical Online Business Consultant serving clients since 2008. I show business owners how to utilize a WordPress, Social Media, Webinars, Teleseminars and Podcasts to get their message online. I am also a Virtual Assistant Coach and Trainer.


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