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I Heard Twitter Does Not Create Sales

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I Heard Twitter Does Not Create Sales
by Tiffany Johnson

Recently someone asked if Twitter was worth it, because they heard you can’t make money using Twitter. As I was reading the comment, I just shook my head, because I know differently.

First of all, you should not set out to use any type of social media to sell your wares. When it comes to SOCIAL media, it’s about being social first. You know, building relationships.

Why do so many people get awkward when it comes to being social online?

Could it be because we’ve always had a “corporate us” and “home us” and now things have changed that are requiring us to merge the two? Not realizing that you’ve been the one person all along.

It’s time to relax and be your wonderful, marvelous, and unique self God created you to be and on some days that means talk about your food. Yes, I know, but we do want to know.

Why do you think people aren’t interested in what you’re eating?

How many times have you been out to eat and the waiter or waitress walks by with a large tray of food and your eyes follow it to someone else’s table. You in turn look at all of the dishes while trying to decide what you’re going to eat. Or maybe you’re already eating your food and more than likely your eyes still follow the large tray of food. Similar concept when it comes to social media.

We’re interested in what other people are doing.

Ever been sitting somewhere, maybe at a hair salon or doctors office, and while minding your own business, reading a book, someone comes along and asks, “what are you reading?” This in turn sparks up a conversation whether you feel like it or not around your book. You’ve now found a common ground which may cause you to talk about other things. This is exactly how things flow on Facebook and Twitter. When there’s a common interest, we want to talk about it, share it, or at least let the other person know that we, LIKE it!

Back to the question about whether you can make money on Twitter…it completely depends on your social engagement.

Are you fun to hang around?

The great part about social media is you can be fun and full of energy whether you physically feel like it or not. Your fingers do the talking and interacting for you. I’ve found this to be true, the more energy and fun I’m having from being online, the more energy and fun I start to have offline.

When you’re fun to hangout with, we don’t mind you sharing your product or service because we’ve already connected in some way.

I feel like I know you and may even be calling you by first name. This is why it’s SO important to use a friendly, warm, and welcoming pic on your profiles. If I cannot bare looking at your profile pic, or it gives me the heebie jeebies, or I say “man, I wish she would change that pic”, guess what folks? This translates to not wanting to hang around you, which means you won’t have the opportunity to share your stuff.

If you’re not on the main platforms of social media like Facebook and Twitter, you will not have the opportunity to see whether social media makes you money or not. All I know is that I have met several clients on Twitter and they were not responding to an all points bulletin that said:


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Be fun to hangout with FIRST and then we can discuss what you’ve got for sale.

P.S – We’ve got a Facebook Challenge coming up. We want to help you build engagement and community on your Facebook page. It won’t be for everyone. The details are being finalized as you read this. Look for it!

I Heard Twitter Does Not Create Sales

How Do You Know If You Are Effective On Social Media?

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Yesterday, I tweeted a retro blog post titled Why Use Social Media? Someone responded with: How do you effectively use it?

This question struck a huge cord with me because it made me think about what does it mean to be effective. Does it mean someone responds to my tweet or comments on my Facebook status? Does it mean I get a client as a result? How can effectiveness be measured if I’m unclear as to what being effective is?

How would you have answered this question?

Effective according to means:

  1. adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result.
  2. actually in operation or in force; functioning.
  3. producing a deep or vivid impression; striking.
  4. prepared and available for service, especially military service.

We’ll go with definition number one since it is the most in line with the previous questions.

What’s the purpose of using social media?

Is it to build relationships, meet people you’d never have the opportunity to meet, increase followers, pick up guys or girls, get new clients?

People are on social media for all kinds of reasons, however what is your reason. My hope is that it’s to build relationships. With that being said are you effectively building relationships? How do you know? Is it measurable? How so?

Can we really base how well we’re building relationships based on the number of followers we get each day? Or is it better to base it on the number of retweets, favorited tweets, or replies back as a result of something that we have tweeted. Is it the number of frequent followers we’ve been linked to?

In order to determine how effective your social media efforts are, you must determine the purpose for being their in the first place. If you don’t know why you’re using social media, before you send another status update or tweet understand the purpose for being there.

If it’s to learn a new recipe, then clearly you can just do a Google search for that. If it is for building relationships, meeting new people, making contact with others who are like minded then seek those who have what you are looking for. Unfollow the folks who are not providing something that will contribute to the effectiveness of your social media activity. And I’m not talking about deleting people who share their breakfast or workout regiment. We all are human right and certainly enjoy hearing that other people are living life just as we are. However if someone is really obnoxious to others or provides no value whatsoever, it really is okay to disconnect all forms of contact.

Keep the reason that you are using social media on the forefront of your mind as you go throughout your day. Not only will this help you become more effective it will also make you more fun and enjoyable to hangout with via the web.

Please share below. Why do you use social media?

Clarity Brings Creativity…Eureka!

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Clarity Brings Creativity…Eureka!
by Tiffany Johnson

Eureka – an exclamation of triumph on discovering or solving something

You ever have so many things in your head that you have to sort it all out? Me too! And when the sorting happens for me I have to stop and take note of it.


A while back I created a profile on Google+. I wasn’t sure what I should be doing with it and looked for others to tell me what to say. Yesterday was my eureka moment! I typed like crazy on my blackberry to get it all out just like now.

This was it:

Ever since joining Google+ I have tried to figure out how to use it, what to talk about, who to put in my circle and why. I’ve read different blogs advising how to use Google+ only most of it was the setting up part. Okay, great but tell me what I should be doing with it.

I finally came across a post that list different things to do with it and one idea talked about using it as a niche blog. This way you can talk about things that don’t necessarily go with your main blog and of course not to replace it either. As I was lying down, just now, I almost jumped to my feet as the light bulb went off. It occurred to me what I’ll talk about. I know, totally nerdy to be so excited, but I am:) I don’t like loose ends and until their tied it remains in my head until I can compartmentalize it. So, here goes…

I’m going to share my notes from different books I read. I put my notes in my blackberry because I like to hear the keys and it’s fun that way.

Lately I’ve come across two that surprisingly I could not put down. I’ll start with those and move from there. It’s two fold. (1) It holds me accountable to my goal of reading a book a week and (2) It helps me engage with you and also find out what you’re reading if you’re willing to share.

I will say the books I read are all nonfiction and the current ones are about writing. In addition to sharing my notes, I’ll also talk about how it can be used in reference to your own blog, preferably WordPress. That’s what I mean when I say blog. Blog = Enough, enough, just wanted to share as I’m excited and looking forward to playing in Google+. Enjoy your afternoon!!

Oh, and I must find that blog post that was so helpful in showing me what to share here.


I also had another eureka moment about 20 minutes ago. I’ve been wrestling on what to write on a local blog where I’m supposed to talk about things related to my city. It can be on events, money, business, food, family anything. And that’s the problem, when you have way too many choices it leaves you at a standstill because you have no specific direction.

As a business owner we find ourselves in this situation more often than not because the sky is the limit to what all we can do. It’s important to stop and be still and wait to hear from God on what to do. When it comes you know it because you take off like a rocket with excitement, words, action steps and plans.

When I woke up this morning I had no idea what I was going to write here nor for the local blog. Instead of stressing out, I took my time and eased into the day which helps my creativity flow. It’s also when God speaks. He’s a gentlemen and doesn’t interrupt all the self talk we do, besides would we hear Him anyway?

From this point forward I’m clear on what I’ll write on Google+ and the local blog. And you know the funny thing, once you know the reason you even are writing or doing something else to begin with, you’re set free to have fun and be you.

No longer will you have to say “I got all this stuff twirling around in my head” because you don’t know what to do or say. Take time, right now and be still.

I really hope that helps, I’m off to fulfill my purpose and look forward to you doing the same.

Now it’s your turn! I’d love to hear about your eureka moment. Please share in the comments below.

P.S – I’ll be talking about local things on the local blog. I’ve recently started reading the local newspaper and have started couponing, therefore actually going inside the grocery store…

3 Strategies I Learned From the Coupon Divas

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Yesterday I was added to a new group on Facebook. The purpose of the group is to share information about coupons and where to get really great deals. The reason I got added to the group was because of a post I put on my Facebook wall a month or so ago. One of my Facebook friends thought I might enjoy being a part of the group.

As soon as my name was added I immediately got a welcome from the administrator of the group. She invited me to read the welcome letter which would give me some guidance on what they were all about. I didn’t know what to expect, being that I don’t use coupons and have to drag myself to the grocery store. I’m working on being more domesticated. However, being single with no kids makes it easy not to be.

This is not the first Facebook group I’ve been a part of that welcomed me with open arms. However it is the first group that’s completely unrelated to business that have really taken the time to build a community.

Here are three strategies I learned from the coupon group:

  1. Provide a welcome letter.

    Ever been added to a group and you didn’t understand what it was for? Maybe you felt like they just wanted to sell you something and added you to the group. I’ve been there too.

    A welcome letter puts new members at ease and shows the purpose of your group. In addition to the letter, you want to personally welcome them and let them know where to find the welcome letter.

    Imagine you have a club offline. What would you include in the welcome packet? Include that same information in your welcome letter or provide additional documents that can be referenced in the welcome letter.

  2. Prove it.

    If a new member has joined your group and you say here’s how I can help. Show it. This can be through testimonials, demonstrations, or images depending on what you provide.

    The coupon group provides pictures of groceries, receipts, and rebate forms where they have paid significantly less for items.

    Have you seen the show ‘Extreme Couponing’ on TLC? I watched a lady get almost $2000 in groceries for $19.82. Show proof that it works.

  3. Provide valuable content.

    This morning I took a quick peak in the group and saw that the founder had posted several valuable websites with information about what coupons were available. She was encouraging us to visit these websites to get coupons on household items, diapers, food, etc.

    In addition, there are documents that list acronyms that we may see in the group as well as store policies on couponing. I learned some stores are pulling back on BOGO (Buy One Get One) sales by either not offering them or not allowing you to use coupons in conjunction with BOGO.

What does this look like for your website or anything else you do virtually online?

Keep in mind you’ll have new visitors come to your website. They may not know anything about you or what you do. If you use a blog as your homepage include your bio in each post. Display archived articles or categories in the sidebar so visitors can easily explore past posts. Make it convenient and easy for anyone who’s looking to learn more about who you are and what you can do for them.

If you’re hosting a teleclass, be sure and tell your story each and every time. It may get old for you, just remember there will be people joining you that may have just find out about you minutes before the call.

Content that is valuable is content that is relevant to what people want.

There are tons of websites, blogs, Facebook groups, etc. However, you choose which ones provide the information you are most interested in. You’ll know your content is valuable when people start responding to what you’re saying, when they tell their friends, and when they make a point to let you know they’re listening and want more.

Provide testimonials on your website. Share what people are saying about you in newsletters and on your promotion pages. If you’re using social media, encourage readers to post on your Facebook wall or comment on your blog posts. Favorite tweets that are testimonials from clients or someone patting you on the back for a job well done.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is to actually start. If you aren’t participating in social media, including a blog that offers valuable content you are behind.

In order to utilize the strategies listed above you must create the environment and then get ready for the time of your life as you create a community, group, tribe that is eager to learn from you.

Now it’s your turn, what strategies have you learned by either your own Facebook group or by participating in one?