Your Optin/Free Offer Technically

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In this episode of Tips & Tech with Tiffany, we discuss different formats for your free offer, including options for storing videos and uploading audio files. If you have a free report that needs to be updated, you’ll find tips on how to make those changes. There’s also a list of things to provide your virtual assistant to help get your free offer in place. Let’s get started on refreshing those free offers.

Episode #3 – Your Optin/Free Offer TechnicallyEpisode #3 Tips & Tech with Tiffany
💡 Your Optin/Free Offer Technically 📱💻
Today we discuss formats for free offers and what happens when you need to update an existing free offer.

Posted by Tiffany Parson on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Social Media Content And Your Virtual Team

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Find out how you can quickly create social media content right from your phone. Social media should be a fun way to show your personality and this episode is full of tips on how to make it easy for you to create content on the go. I’m giving away a lot of secrets today! This information is for those who are working with a virtual team or want to do it themselves, as well as for virtual assistants providing this as a service to clients.

Episode #2 – Social Media Content And Your Virtual TeamEpisode #2 Tips & Tech with Tiffany
💡 Social Media Content And Your Virtual Team 📱💻

Posted by Tiffany Parson on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Scheduling Using Calendly And Why

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Welcome to the first episode of Tips & Tech with Tiffany. We’re going to talk about Calendly, which is the system I use to automate scheduling of appointments. Calendly is mobile-friendly and even sends out reminders. We’ll review how it works with PayPal for paid appointments, AWeber, and syncs with Google Calendar. There is a free plan you can test out, and I’d be happy to provide assistance in getting it all set up.

Episode #1 – Scheduling Using Calendly And WhyEpisode #1 Tips & Tech With Tiffany
💡Scheduling Using Calendly And Why📱💻

Posted by Tiffany Parson on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Much To Blab About: Repurposing Your Recordings

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Blab 15Days Tiffany Parson

Next week, I’m hosting a #Blabinar: 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Recordings.

It doesn’t matter whether you have audio, video, or both,

Imagine what would happen if you let the information, that already exists, work for you.

  • If you have trouble putting thoughts into words or words on paper…This is for you.
  • If you have a folder reserved for your mp3s and mp4s yet have only used them one time or never….This is for you.
  • If you have several projects you’d like to complete such as an ecourse, ebook or report, but put it off until you can find the time…This is for you.

This Blabinar could easily be named 10 Ways To Repurpose or 15 Ways to Repurpose, the possibilities are endless as to what you can do.

I’ve narrowed it down to five. Five manageable repurposing techniques using one recording.

The holidays are quickly approaching…..heard of Black Friday?…It will be here before we know it. This #Blabinar can help you get a jumpstart on your special offer.

My first Black Friday Offer in 2011 was a set of ebooks based on my first podcast on BlogTalkRadio. It was a matter of selecting which audio files to use and putting them in order so each chapter flowed into the other.

You’d be surprised how many pages you speak. 20 minutes gets me 5 pages using 12pt font size. What you had 60 minutes?

This is just one example of repurposing, there’s more…

You don’t want to miss it! By the end of our time together you’ll:

  • Know which recordings you want to repurpose. In fact, you might have your files uploaded to Dropbox to be transcribed before I can say ‘are there any questions’.
  • Discover how much time you can save by recording once and using the information again and again. No more one hit wonders.
  • Have a list of five ways to repurpose your recordings along with a plan to get it done.

Imagine recording something once and being able to use it at least 18 different ways.

There will be-

A replay. However it’s a lot more fun when you show up LIVE! You never know what happens before or after the record button is turned off. Only those participating in the Blab get their questions asked right then and there.

An Action guide and #Blabinar cheatsheet. You’ll want to take lots of notes PLUS I’ve got some action steps for you making it easy to map out your projects. A ready made plan + existing content = Time Saved

More information. I’ll share your next steps and how you can put everything we discuss in motion. All with saving time in mind so you can focus on revenue generating activities.

Did I say you don’t want to miss it? You don’t want to miss it.