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Tiffany On Blab

Have you heard of Periscope? The best description I’ve seen is on Marie Claire:

“What is Periscope? And what does it do?

Periscope is a “live video streaming platform”, which basically means you can transmit a live recording of yourself to your Persicope and Twitter followers. Imagine Skyping someone, but instead of video calling a single person, you’re instead linked up to the whole community. Not only that, whoever’s watching you can comment and ask questions. These show up on your screen whilst broadcasting making it easy to answer and interact.

That sounds just like a webchat or Google Hangout…

It basically is. The big difference though is that it’s designed as a mobile app, so people use it frequently and off-the-cuff when they are out and about. Also, because Periscope is owned by Twitter, it automatically links up with your Twitter account. This means when you do a live transmission it appears on your Twitter newsfeed making it easier to build up followers from the word go.”


What about Blab? And what does it do?

Blab is similar to Periscope EXCEPT

  • up to four people can be included on the video chat
  • you can host blabs from your computer or mobile device

Blab is similar to web chat or Google Hangout EXCEPT

  • currently you cannot share your screen
  • there is no way to make your blabs private

Next week, I’m hosting a Blabinar (online seminar using Blab). Can you come?

It’s about mapping click through funnels from beginning to end.

Previously, you created and focused a good portion of your energy on the actual product itself such as your free offer, digital product, or online event, etc. Everything was centered around the process of what happens before and during. However, what about the after? What did you want to happen long after someone absorbed your content? Was that it or did you want them to take another step?

Like most of us, our customers won’t take another step unless we provide what that next step is. Whether you are launching a free offer, product, or online event, or need to revise what you currently have, this blabinar is for you.

  • Discover how to map out your click through funnel from start to finish
  • The biggest mistake business owners make when it comes to click through funnels
  • 5 essential elements needed before you start any click through funnel
  • How a virtual team can help you keep the main thing, the main thing (content and community)

You don’t want to miss it!

#Blabinar…Mapping Your Click Through Funnel

Wednesday, September 2nd

1PM Eastern AND 8PM Eastern

Click the link below and Subscribe to the time that works best for you:



P.S – I cannot make any promises regarding the replay. Recordings are available on Blab; the technology is in beta. No pressure 🙂 Will I see you there?

What Is Your Unique Factor?

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For #FBF, originally posted October 6, 2011

What Is Your Unique Factor?

Virtual Hired Hand - What Is Your Unique Factor

When you think of the word unique, what comes to mind?

  • Different
  • Unusual
  • Weird
  • Uncommon
  • Only one of its kind

This list could go on and on. Are you aware of what sets you apart from everyone else who does what you do?

What do your clients, friends, or family say makes you stand out from the rest?

If you and I were selling a widget on opposite street corners and had been given the same sales training we would still sell the widget differently.


Because we both bring a unique factor to the product.

Your unique factor is….YOU!

One of my favorite quotes is “No one can beat you at being you.”

So why are so many people copy-cating the way someone speaks, writes, or does whatever it is that they do?

I’m perplexed at why we’re not okay with our unique factor.

Remember when being different was cool. But we still weren’t quite sure what it meant so we looked to others to show us the way.

In the 80’s it was banana clips, one lace glove thanks to Madonna, and mismatched earrings. And for Halloween you may have dressed up like Tina Turner with wild hair and a big sweatshirt dress. Oh how different we were!

Were you a fan of the Cosby Show? The sweaters, the “Gordon Gartrelle” shirt Denise made for Theo, the funky hairstyles were our guide to being different, unique.

The 90’s brought big hoop earrings with a key hanging from it thanks to Janet Jackson. Did you have a pair of parachute pants aka MC Hammer pants?

The guys wore high top fades. One guy in high school used to wear bowling shoes instead of the typical oxfords and I’m sure he was copying someone else. Salt ‘N’ Pepa had us wearing our hair asymmetrically, one side was long and the other short. It took forever for the short side to catch up when you got tired of the haircut. My poor cabbage patch doll also was a victim to this hairstyle. And I cannot forget the mile high stacked bangs. Either way, we all had our own “unique” style.

Welcome to the 21st Century! We’re all grown up and have replaced our favorite singers and TV show characters with our favorite peeps online. We’re copying how they talk, wear their hair, and how they write.

We’ve some how missed the fact that we’ve been uniquely and wonderfully made by God. Unique – different – only one – limited edition – none can match it, yet unfortunately we’re too afraid to be just that.

In school we were told how to write and in what voice to write. We were even told which pencil to use and how to shade in the circle just right so your answer would get counted on the test.

As much as we want to break free we struggle, afraid we’ll be judged or won’t get hired or selected. We want to be social on social media, yet aren’t sure if we should separate and hide our real friends from our online friends.

God forbid someone find out I enjoy loud music dancing and singing and that’s just at church.

If you knew I was a Jesus freak would you still love me? Would you still ask to work with me? Would you still like me, follow me, and retweet me?

Ever felt like you were behind and the more you try to catch up the farther behind you got. It’s because you’ve gotten out of your lane and are trying to run someone else’s race. Of course it doesn’t have to be that way when you’re being yourself in all it’s uniqueness. Including the tattoo you got sophomore year in college because your roommate and her friend were going to get one so you tagged along.

Too often I’m seeing carbon copies of things I’ve read or heard. It’s real easy to do with information being available so freely online.

My desire is for you to stand strong, stand up, and be the person you’ve been created to be. It’s tempting to follow the crowd and copy someone else and on the surface appears to be so much easier. In reality, it’s not. It’s hard waiting to see what the Joneses are going to do next so you’ll know your next move.

Get your voice, your style, and your own abilities. If I were to act like you and you were to act like me, the world would be a mess because we’d bump into each other. No one would ever start after the ‘mark, get set, GO!’ We’d all be stalling waiting to see what the first person was going to do so we’d know what to do.

It seems crazy to think that being ourselves could some how turn people away. And if it does, what? If someone doesn’t think you’re for them you shouldn’t change, instead seek those made just for you and build a fun and happy community.

Can you believe some business owners are hiding behind their logos and stock photos because they’re concerned people will find out what they look like? And people are sitting in seminars and paying money and fed this crap. It makes me upset because in some way shape or form we’ve all been affected by it.

Let’s run the race we’ve been given and run it swiftly gracefully and seek guidance when we need it. And then go right back and continue the flow again and again and again.

I challenge you today, take a look at your website, your product, your social media profiles. Is it a reflection of who you really are, what someone told you would work, or what you thought looked good on someone else’s so you put it on yours? If it’s not you, it’s time to make it yours.

Lots of people are counting on you to show up. Not the person you’re copying or presenting as you, but the real you. The world is waiting in earnest expectation for the uniqueness of you.

This post was written prior to hearing about the passing of Steve Jobs. If there’s one thing we can all learn from him, it’s to: Embrace YOU, crazy and all!

Now it’s your turn. Please share what it means to be yourself in your business and in life.

Focus On The Audience

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The biggest mistake we can make as online business owners is to be so focused on what we’re doing that we forget about our audience. And just to narrow it down further, we forget the one person in our audience.

It can be daunting to focus on this major audience. I mean even if you have, 250 people following you on Twitter and 500 on Facebook, if you imagined them all sitting in the room now the pressure is on.

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” Luke 16:10 (NIV)

Let’s put this in perspective of social media, better yet digital marketing, including: social media, your blog, ebooks, audios, videos, pdfs

When’s the last time you looked at your numbers. If you’re comparing yourself to the ‘big boys and girls’ these numbers may look small. When people refer to having a small email list and they use a number in the thousands, when you’ve got a list that’s still in the hundreds, you think small? I’d love to have that many.

Well, let’s imagine everyone on your email list, social media, and anywhere else where you can quantify who’s there, is in one large banquet room at a local hotel.

First, go to and look at how many people visited your website yesterday. Write that number down.

Head to your Twitter account. Write down how many times you were mentioned in the last week. If you’re using Hootsuite or SproutSocial, take a look at the analytics or just go to your notifications and manually count them. 

Now, go to Facebook. Your Facebook business page. Head to your insights and write down how many people engaged with you in the last week. Engagments include- likes, clicks, shares, and comments.

If you’re currently collecting names and email addresses on your website and also sending out newsletters, go to AWeber, MailChimp, iContact, whichever system you’re currently using for email marketing. Write down either how many people opened your last three email newsletters OR how many people are currently subscribed to your list, if you haven’t sent an email out in the last few weeks.

Total all of your numbers________

Going back to the initial thought, imagine every single one of them in a large banquet hall ready and waiting to hear from you.

Does this make you see the realness of each person behind the number? It should make you realize whether you’re working with smaller numbers or not, you have an audience that’s waiting to hear from you.

When you honor them by providing useful information, tips, or entertainment, whatever they’re coming to you for, then you are serving your audience. Each time you post on social media, send out an email, or create an online event, think of them. Ask yourself: Is this something that’s helpful for them or a feel good moment for you?

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you which is best, however the former is better than the latter. Your feel good moment comes in the giving. 


Tiffany Johnson - Virtual Hired Hand

6 Ways To Use Social Media For Webinars

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More than likely you already know what you want to share on a webinar or have several somethings you’d like to share with your audience during a virtual event. I’m taking this wild guess because you found the topic of this article of interest.

Do you know what your audience has to say in regards to your topic?

Listed below are six ways to use social media for webinars starting with learning what your audience is saying about your topic.

6 Ways To Use Social Media For Webinars

#1 – Use Groups and Communities to find out what your audience is say in regards to your topic. For example, I’ve started a new service called ThePodcastVA.

We service podcasters and I’ve joined several groups specific for podcasters. By being in the midst of the audience I serve, I get to be one of them and hear what they are saying as it relates to their podcast.

Once you know who your audience is, you can search on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to locate
groups and communities that serve your audience.

Read their comments and complaints to find out how you can serve them as a result. Learn what they are looking for, don’t understand, or need assistance implementing and make the answers to those comments or complaints a part of your webinar session.

Also, use private membership groups to do this as well if you’re participating in paid training or any other type private forum where your audience gathers.

#2 – Use Twitter Search to look for existing hashtag names for your event. Use this hashtag in all of your promotions and social media post. Make it as much a part of your event as the content itself.

Encourage those participating in your online event to use the hashtag before/during/after your webinar.

#3 – Create a Facebook Cover Photo specifically for your event.

Not only utilize the image to promote your webinar, but also add a description for the image.

When someone clicks on the cover graphic, not only will they see the image, they’ll also see more details and a link that takes them to your promotion landing page for your webinar where they can get signed up or registered.

#4 – Add a Facebook App or use the new Facebook Call To Action button to promote your event.

Take advantage of the online space you have on your Facebook page to promote your event.

If using a Facebook app, you can have them sign-up directly from Facebook or include a link for more information that takes them to your landing page containing more details.

If you use the Call To Action button, once they click on it, you’re taking them directly to your event landing page.

(Watch below if you’re not sure how to add the call to action button to your Facebook page)

#5 – Use Google+ Circles to communicate with any special guest speakers that will be participating in your event. Include your virtual team in the circle as well so they are in the loop with everything that’s going on. Make Google+ Circles your private area for communication with your team and speakers is much easier than emailing back and forth.

#6 – Use Google Hangout when you want to see faces of your special guest and team members.

If you’re one to like face-to-face interaction, why not use Google Hangouts for special planning meetings for your webinar. It will also give you an opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera, although more than likely you’ll be a lot more relaxed with your team and special guests compared to the live webinar. It’s a start though, to get you comfortable.

Take advantage of the information that sits right at your fingertips and utilize free tools that we all use each and everyday. You may be using these tools for your webinar, however they’re going to help you get even more social with your online media promotions.