Work Like A Comedian For Your Webinar Content

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Work Like A Comedian For Your Webinar Content

You’re concerned about your webinar content. Rightfully, you should be. However is the concern regarding the right thing?

(#1- The NUMBERS)

The numbers is one of the main reasons holding many back from fulfilling their dreams and hosting Webinars.

You’ve heard the gurus and experts talk about how successful their webinars are and how they’re making 6-figures launching their programs in 24 hours or less. You got excited about the possibilities for your own business, but somewhere along the way you got stuck, fearful, concerned that what you were going to share on a Webinar is not useful to your community. You don’t know it for sure, you just think that.

Let’s say you’ve been blogging weekly either once or twice for the last year and a half. You’ve gotten to know your community. You know who’ll reply to you via email or comment on the blog post itself. You know who will be the first to share your post on social media and add their own commentary to your article. You know who will tell you straight whether or not what you provided hit the spot or not because you know your community.

Now this didn’t happen overnight. You started out unsure of yourself. Not sure what to say, you just knew there was something inside of you that kept drawing you back to your keyboard and before you knew it, your message came through right there on your page and you hit publish. Without a care in the world you went for it.

At the beginning you had no concept of success or failure, you just knew there was a message deep inside and you wanted to get it out on your blog. You didn’t think about numbers, followers, retweets, shares, none of that. In fact, you didn’t concern yourself with any of that. You were proud that you published.

Fast forward it’s 2015 and you’ve been following all the gurus and experts in your niche, those in the social media space, and Webinar world for who knows how long. You can rattle off their tips and information, however when you compare what’s been happening in your community to what’s happening on theirs you don’t find a match. The numbers aren’t adding up and because of that, you’re concerned about your content.

You’re concerned that what you have to offer, no one wants because your numbers in comparison to the gurus looks like…. little to nothing. Is this right? Is this fair to your community?

Let’s look on the flip side of this….

If I’m in your community, I’m no little nothing.

I’m enjoying what you have to say. I’m showing up each time you post or opening your email each time you write.

Maybe I’m one of those first adopters singing your praises and sharing on Twitter, Facebook, elsewhere online and offline.

Little do you know, you’ve got a cheerleader down south that’s rooting for you. BUT…

You’re thinking your numbers are nothing because they aren’t as high as the gurus and the experts. Your numbers might be in the triple, or double digits. Guess what?

Each one of those digits represents a person. Imagine, those digits sitting in a room. How large of a room would you need in order to get everyone in it?

Those numbers aren’t looking so little after all, not when you put everyone in a room together.

Are you comfortable speaking in front of a live crowd in the triple digits or whatever digits your "little to nothing" numbers fall under?

If you were to host a live event would you be excited about those digits? I’ll bet you would. In fact, your event would probably SELL OUT!

It’s easy to forget that the gurus, the experts all started at the beginning. And where is the beginning when putting things in numerical order….0

Yes, 0. The beginning is not even at 1.


Content is another reason that holds many back from fulfilling their dreams and hosting a Webinar.

If your biggest question when I mention Webinars includes, what do you talk about it? I’m so glad you asked.

The best place to get practice and develop content is on your blog and social media.

Think of the Webinars you have attended. How many of those Webinars were hosted by someone you knew nothing about or had never heard of before you signed up for their event?

More than likely, you either follow them on social media, subscribe to their email list or blog posts, heard them on a podcast, you were connected to them in some way.

Before you start hosting virtual events, it’s a good idea to start creating some content. This is your time to test and see if others are interested in your content.

If you are posting on a regular basis to your blog you’ll soon discover what your community responds to. You’ll find out what they are interested in and what they aren’t interested in.

If you’re reading this, you have either a WordPress website or a Facebook Business Page if not both. They are your online space to develop your voice. It’s your stage to test what works and what doesn’t work.

Treat your blog and social media just like comedians treat comedy clubs. They do shows at the comedy clubs so they can develop their craft, test out their material, see whether or not the audience laughs.

The comedy clubs are a smaller stage. They can’t test material in large arenas, it’s to late at that point. In fact, do you think they’d be able to fill large arenas if it weren’t for the small, dark, sweaty, smokey night clubs? Highly unlikely.

Your small, dark, sweaty, smokey night club is your blog post and social media, namely Facebook since you can have longer posts in comparison to Twitter. If you bomb, fall flat, no one laughs, who will know? No one. What does that mean?

Does it mean no one read it or does it mean they didn’t have anything else to add or does it mean you left no opening for them to comment on?

Sure, it could mean what you posted totally sucked, but that’s the last possibility. And if they did think it sucked, praise Jesus they didn’t say it in the comments.

Is it really a big deal that no one clicked "like" or commented on something you posted?

It shouldn’t be. It’s your testing ground. It’s the place you’re working to perfect your craft before the large stage, the arena performance….your Webinar event!

If our favorite comedians allowed performances that didn’t go so well to dictate the path for their career we wouldn’t know them. They would never get their shot because they would have already given up. And I know that’s not you, you’re not a quitter. If you were, you wouldn’t be this far along in the post.


Any other reasons for not hosting your Webinar are all just excuses.

Not knowing what technology to use – an excuse.
Not having fast internet – an excuse.
Not knowing what night to host your webinar on – an excuse.

I understand the numbers game and the content issue, I get that. We all get tripped up on that.

It won’t go away except knowing that everyone had to start somewhere and it applies to both your numbers and the content you bring to your community. In fact, your content facilitates the increase in your numbers.

If you’re speaking to the wrong audience, your community numbers will not increase. Once you identify your right audience and start talking to them, you’re on to something, your numbers will increase.

You may wonder, how will I know when you’ve got it right? Someone laughed. You got likes, shares, comments, repins.

And when you find out, don’t be set on the number of digits. Remember that amount, is just the beginning.

You continue adding content your community engages with and you’ll soon see, you can’t help but host a virtual event. Your community will practically push you into the large arena. You won’t be able to hold everyone in the small club. You’ll find yourself writing books instead of posts for your blog and social media posts.

When that happens, it’s time!

When you find yourself wanting to say more, but working hard to keep it brief, it’s time!

It’s time to start hosting your Webinars!

Before you jump in and start hosting Webinars, build your community. Use your blog and social media to develop your voice, refine your content, and build a group of amazing people who love what you have to offer. When you do, your numbers and content will no longer keep you from hosting your virtual events.

You’ll still wonder if people will show up, however you’ll have a different perspective about those who show up versus those you don’t because you already know that what you have to offer is valuable according to your community.

When you know something is really good and people will miss out if they don’t show, you don’t focus on the no-shows, you focus on those who are there and make sure they get everything you have to give and then some.

Make it a FABULOUS one!
🙂 Tiffany

Shout out to my favorite comedians Chris Rock and Kevin Hart who helped me understand how to develop your craft. Who knew?!

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It’s A New Year! Happy 2015

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Happy New Year From Virtual Hired Hand

When you look back on 2014, does it include disappointments, frustrations, let downs, set backs, pick me ups, triumph, accomplishments, met goals, a better outlook? What a year?!

I’m grateful for all of the lessons learned and relearned this year~


be flexible,

trust God,

be patient,


don’t give up,

serve many instead of one,

you’re never the only one and

if it’s complicated, no one will understand it, so keep it simple.

Today, I’m sharing with you what’s happening with Virtual Hired Hand in 2015~

This year, my entire blog is being devoted to what to do after you have a WordPress website. It’s hard not to notice that many WordPress websites get setup and that’s it. They don’t always go beyond the initial content design and free offer. I’ve even seen some after they’ve gone live stay in the coming soon stage for months at a time. The longest, almost two years.

Once your website is handed over, it’s all up to you, the content, the regular blogging, it’s all on you! If you don’t start while your website is being developed, it can be hard to start after the fact.

However, that won’t be the case this year. No matter what state your WordPress website is in, it will be even better with this…

Over the next twelve months, I’m taking you on an adventure to get your website where you want it to be. will be a place to get information on what to do next, now that you have a WordPress website.

We’ll go slow so you’ll have time to understand everything, get setup and take action like writing out content and putting it on your website whether it be for a page, post, or offer.

The topics covered include:

  • Shopping Carts

  • Email Marketing

  • Virtual Events: Webinars

  • Virtual Events: Teleseminars

We’ll discuss what’s needed for setup, customization, and incorporating into WordPress. Essentially, becomes a course on what to do with your WordPress website now that you have one.

At the end of a topic, we’ll get together on a Webinar to discuss it. You can ask questions based on the training that’s been posted on the website, have a review done on what you’ve created, and more.

So which topic would you like to start with first? I created a quick two question survey so you can let me know your answer.

If you’ve been reading the blog for longer than one year, 2015 will be like no other! We start next Thursday!

We’re exploring online business tools, discovering the not so obvious uses for them.

Did you know you can segment your list in AWeber and only send emails to those who clicked on a certain link or email only those who have opted in to your list within the last 7 or 30 days?

Stick around you’ll find out how and learn even more as the year goes on.

Please be sure to click here and complete the quick two question survey.

When It Comes To The Services We’re Providing~

We’re narrowing things down even further in 2015 and focusing on WordPress websites that need theme changes or redesigns. We specialize in themes that use Thesis or Genesis frameworks.

With the new blog format, they’ll be setup and customizations discussed that you enjoy learning about but may not want to do for yourself, we’re providing services related to that also. You’ll hear more as we move forward.

I’m also offering strategy sessions on Hiring A Virtual Team, WordPress, and Webinar Planning. You can get more details here.


If you’re interested in learning more about Podcasting, you’ll want to get on the list at where the focus is all things related to podcasts. You’ll also receive my free report 18 Ways To Repurpose A Podcast Transcript.

Want to know my recommended WordPress plugins, explore new plugins, and stay current on what’s happening with WordPress, on a quarterly basis, please be sure to sign up for that list so you can start receiving those updates. (The next one goes out January 23rd)

2015 will be your best year ever! Looking forward to serving you and being a part of your journey.

Add tons of value.

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Add tons of value.

How many times have you seen this, read it or said it? Yet how many times have you sat down and mapped out what adding tons of value means for you and what you provide?

For me, it’s tough because as a service provider I think much of my value is tied to what I do for paying clients.

There’s a fine line between my value and giving something away for free that existing clients are paying for.

Right when I think I’ve figured it out, something comes up that causes me to think I don’t have it. So I sit paralyzed, biting my nails, wondering what the heck do I have to offer you that is of value that’s not going to waste your time because you have an online business, job, family, life, and more.

Do you have this same issue when it comes to adding value to your own blog or email list?

Are we playing it too safe by not sticking our necks out far enough to see what's valuable and what’s not. A- play-it-safe kind of blog sucks and I don’t even like those myself.

It seems the posts that get the most attention are the ones like this where I get pissed. And then promise to do better. A better business, a better blogging year. I don’t know. I’m fed up with the better. It’s time to just shut up and do.

So here goes:

Yes, this is the part where I add value. If you’ve gotten this far then you’re letting me know that I’m not alone. That adding value is important to you just as much as it is to me.

You’re letting me know that this area is of interest and you are going to stick your neck out as well.

A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what a ship is built for. ~Unknown

Is this valuable?

Your valuable asset is the information that you keep in your head. The stuff you toy around with and then say nah, that’s too much.

  • The too much is what your community is waiting for.

  • The too much is the meaty parts that everyone is leaned forward in their seats dying for you to share.

  • The too much is the limb, the chance we take, the risk we agreed to when we agreed to step forward and declare our stake in the market place.

  • The too much is right outside our comfort zone and that’s exactly where we should be.

Start with your writing,Start with your speakingStart with your recorded videos

It doesn’t matter, just get started. You have too much to offer to let your too much get in the way of the value you have to give.

You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that’s where the fruit is. – Will Rogers

What is valuable?

Start answering some questions. You’ve been around long enough to know the most common questions people ask you when they first come to you.

You probably have another list of questions they ask once they’ve been around for a while. And it goes on. Each level has a different set of questions.

Start now preparing your arsenal of information. It’s like creating your own knowledge base. You probably could create a years worth in a weekend.

A found this podcast episode to be really helpful in giving real world examples on adding value.

The content we provide whether written, verbalized or in video, gives people a peak into who we are. It’s a way for them to see behind the computer. And we should no longer be afraid or concerned about what we look like or sound like.

It’s all about building relationships and giving ourselves away adding, dare I say value…

When you know what to give you make life easier for yourself, your audience, and your virtual team.

This week, what can you give your community that you’ve held back from? What would make a difference to them this year so that next year can be AMAZING?

Get started now, it’s never as hard as we think.

Make it a FABULOUS one!

The ‘Web’ In Webinar, Does Not Stand For WebCam

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Who says you have to be on camera during your webinar. There is no webinar rule that says: You Must Be On Camera In Order To Host A Webinar.

Although attendees are able to see your “visual aids” for the event, that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. It’s rare for an hour long presentation to only show the speaker’s webcam.

There is no webinar rule that says: You Must Be On Camera In Order To Host A Webinar. And no, I don’t mean you have your virtual assistant come on camera for you. In fact, webinars don’t require a camera at all.

Your participants have come because they are interested in what you have to offer. Yes, it’s a chance to get to know you live and in the flesh. However, if you’re a bit shy to get in front of the camera, that shouldn’t stop you from hosting your own webinars.

I’d like for you to take a quick second and think about the last webinar you attended. Including webinar replays, how many webinars have you seen where the host was on camera?

For every webinar you’ll want to include one of the following:

– A PowerPoint presentation shared during your webinar. Of course, it should be an interesting and engaging PowerPoint and not the old fashioned style that’s really just your notes on screen.

– If you’re doing a training webinar, attendees want to see what you’re doing. Your webcam video in the corner may be a distraction. Getting rid of it leaves more room to show your screen. Let your audience see what you are seeing as you bring them along, step by step.

Use a picture of yourself during the presentation as opposed to coming on screen.

Who says you have to be on camera during your webinar. You can choose to say a quick hello on camera or not come on at all. If you’re providing great content during your presentation your audience won’t even realize you weren’t on camera.

Don’t let the fear of being in front of the camera get in the way of hosting a webinar.