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Managing Your WordPress Website Just Got Easier!

Virtual Hired Hand - WordPress Website Management

If you’ve ever sent an email with the Subject: HELP! Please? to your webguy, webgirl, webmaster, LISTEN UP! This is FOR YOU!

Dear Online Marketers, Business Coaches and Trainers,

Your website is your online real estate and we understand that in order to serve your clients your main hub, your website must be in tip-top shape.

It can be overwhelming and even frustrating when trying to do so many things for your business. However being your own website manager doesn’t have to be one of them, nor being controlled by your webmaster.

We are not the master of your websites, you are. We only manage them so you can continue doing what you do best while generating increased profits from your website.

You’ll keep all of your hair and nerves working with us because we make things easier not complicated.

As an A-LIST CLIENT, you’ll have direct access to our private help desk support team. They are always there to receive your support ticket and will get your request to the right department. We work alongside our clients. Your business is our top priority.

If you’ve had enough poking around your own WordPress site, let us be your trusted source that manages your website for you.

Are you ready to be an A-LIST CLIENT?

You won’t have to be concerned with updates that take place with your plugins or WordPress itself because we handle that for you. This way you can focus on your content, blogging, videos, etc.

We maintain a monthly backup of your website. This is a complete directory of all your content, images, plugins, EVERYTHING that’s within your WordPress website we keep a backup of it just in case. Your backup is like insurance. Great to have, but something you hopefully won’t ever need.

If there are any issues with WordPress that you cannot figure out, we troubleshoot and fix the issue for you. For example, say you add a video to a page and it’s not showing. You can’t figure out why, so you email us and figure it our for you.

Please note all packages require a 3 month minimum commitment.

First month of service for all clients includes the New Client Essential Plugins check-up:

When you first come onboard we’ll get to know the ends and outs of your WordPress site. We’re looking to see what WordPress plugins you have installed along with whether or not you have the essential plugins for tracking your website traffic, backing up your website, and blocking spammers who come to your website.

If we find the essentials are not on your site, we’ll add them FREE as part of our management services.

What are the essential plugins?

  • Google Analytics

  • Akismet

  • One that backs up your website on schedule

This is for you IF:

  • You start to hyperventilate whenever you see the update notices in your dashboard and have longed for someone else to take over so you can actually enjoy your online business.
  • You get nervous anytime an update for your theme, WordPress or plugin is mentioned.
  • You are reading this and are not using the latest version of WordPress.
  • You are reading this and cannot remember when your WordPress website was backed up last.
  • You are reading this and have not setup the essential plugins for your website analytics, backup, or spammers.
  • You think you can not afford the service, however can not afford to waste another minute getting frustrated with the tech stuff.

We understand the full process of your online business. Whether you’re a trainer with informational products or a coach offering coaching programs we understand how your business works. We understand the connection between your WordPress site, shopping cart, email marketing system, and social media.

a-listAre you ready to be an A-lister in our book?

Monthly Maintenance Package

  • Theme Updates
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugins Updates
Monthly Plus Package

  • Theme Updates
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugins Updates
  • Up to Two Hours of Troubleshooting
Monthly Super Package

  • Theme Updates
  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugins Updates
  • Up to Two Hours of Troubleshooting
  • Up to Two Hours of Website Modifications
  • Troubleshooting and Modification over 2 hours $65 per hour.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as an A-LIST CLIENT!

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We provide our clients with the highest level of commitment and excellence. If for some reason you wish to cancel, we will complete your request, no questions asked following the 3-months minimum requirement.

All material submitted is reviewed to ensure the moral standard of Virtual Hired Hand.