Clicks Aren’t Good Enough, YouTube Viewers Must Stick Around
Important Social Media Updates You Want To Know & Tips You Can’t Be Social Without
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    Updates You Want To Know

  1. LinkedIn Endorsements: The Latest Profile Addition

  2. In addition to getting personal recommendations on LinkedIn, the site is now providing an easy way for colleagues to verify the skills listed on a user’s profile. This new endorsements feature works with the keywords listed in the section for Skills & Expertise. Contacts only need to click once for each skill they want to endorse. Read on for more information about this new feature.

  3. YouTube Search now ranks videos according to time spent watching, rather than clicks

  4. YouTube previously ranked videos based on the number of clicks for each video. Since a click may include someone who only watches a video for a couple of seconds, it makes sense for a video to be ranked according to the time actually spent watching it. For those who use YouTube Analytics, you will now see the estimated minutes watched for your videos.

  5. How to Maximize Your New Twitter Profile

  6. Social media sites are continuing to add new features that help users create more appealing profiles for their audience. Twitter has made some changes recently to make the site more visual, and this article provides a great summary of these new features. If you still need to activate your new profile header, you will find instructions to help you get started with that.

    Tips You Can’t Be Social Without

  7. How The Facebook Like Mentality Has Changed

  8. Facebook users have different motivations for liking a page, and companies analyzing this information have found that these motivations have changed over the past couple of years. This means that brands may also need to change their content and strategies. Fans may want something in return for liking a brand, but more and more they are looking for a place to engage.

  9. 5 Twitter Lessons From the Obama and Romney Campaigns

  10. The Presidential candidates have been using Twitter because it is such a great way to reach a large audience who supports them. Followers of these candidates may feel like they are getting a real inside look, and this is something that small businesses can do as well for their followers. Here you will find five techniques used during this election campaign that can help any Twitter user stay interesting and relevant.


Clicks Aren't Good Enough, YouTube Viewers Must Stick Around