5 Benefits of Teleclasses and How To Decide What To Charge

by Tiffany Johnson

Forget setting a New Year’s resolution. It’s time for some NOW resolutions. You know the things that have been waiting on the sidelines.

Stuff that can only be accomplished in the perfect setting, with the exact equipment, and on the vary day that Christ was born.

I just finished listening to a podcast about…podcasting and the guy is an audio snob just like I’m a WordPress snob. He was talking about the exact equipment to use and why.

Of course it all makes sense and yes the sound quality is going to be a million times better. However, if you don’t have the equipment right now today, it shouldn’t stop you. I mean if you wanted to do podcasting.

Okay, forget the whole podcasting thing. What I’m saying is that I know since you got here you’ve been wanting to do a teleclass. I’m curious to know if you’ve done it.

If not, have you tested the waters using Blog Talk Radio. You know this post Blog Talk Radio and Your Next Teleclass is the reason I started my Blog Talk Radio in the first place. I had to demonstrate how it was done. And then I kept doing it over and over again working and tweaking it each week until I felt comfortable with how I sound.

I’ve come to grips with the fact that the voice I hear in my head is completely different from what’s being recorded. I consider it a virtual version of me so I don’t get to caught up in criticizing my pronunciation of things or when my accent gets a little “extra.”

If I did, you wouldn’t ever hear my voice which is crazy because eventually I’ve got to say something.

Back to your teleclass…

Did you know once it’s done the recording is forever which can be turned into a product?

You could easily unload your entire calendar if you’ve been tied to 1-on-1 coaching all year.

You’ve probably got a lot of good information, but no one knows because it’s all stuck in your head. Do you feel heavy or overloaded because it’s just too much and if you read another thing you might explode?

Time to do a fun and wild thing, like making yourself available 24/7 via a recorded audio.

For those who have already experience Teleclass they’re wondering why they didn’t get started sooner. As a matter of fact they’ve been able to create eBooks, audio training, and workbooks all from one recording.

You can also:

  1. Create products. The calls themselves can be turned into products or classes.

  2. Build your list. Teleclasses are popular ways to introduce yourself to a new market.

  3. Sell more. By presenting a sales presentation over the phone, you offer much more interactivity and a stronger personal connection than you can through a website or direct mail piece.

  4. Get to know your audience. Being able to interact with your audience in real time allows an unprecedented level of market research, right in the moment.

  5. Create trust. Trust is crucial when you want to do business online. And one of the best ways to build trust with your audience is to interact with them directly. As they hear your voice live on the call — and as they ask questions and get answers right then and there — you become “real” to them and they’ll be able to bond with you. This is something that’s much harder to accomplish through sales letters and emails.

Have you considered whether your event will be paid or free? It really depends on your goals.

Why are you hosting a Teleclass?

– To promote a product or service.

– To build your audience.

Advantages of a free Teleclass:

  • You’ll get more registrations. Teleclasses are popular ways to introduce yourself to a new market. It’s easy to invite people to your free events — and as they sign up, they become part of your list.

  • It’s easier to implement. You won’t have to worry about processing payments or integrating a shopping cart with your sales page or email service.

Disadvantages of a free Teleclass:

  • They’re free, you won’t make any immediate money.

  • Sometimes, something offered for free is perceived as having a lower value than something that comes with a price tag.

Advantages of a paid Teleclass:

  • You’ll make money with each additional person who signs up to attend.

  • Your Teleclass might be perceived as more valuable if people must pay to gain access. 

Disadvantages of a paid Teleclass:

  • The more you charge, the fewer attendees you are likely to have.

  • Implementation is more complicated, as you’ll have to set up a way to take and process payments.

If you’re just starting out, you may want to go with a free Teleclass. That way, you can work out the kinks, figure out the technology, and
focus on learning the ropes without the additional stress of dozens of people expecting a top-notch, glitch-free experience.
And, of course, you can focus on the Teleclass and won’t have to worry about how to set up your shoppingcart.
Then, once you’ve figured out how everything works, you can start charging for your Teleclasses.

If your main goal is revenue generation, you could charge a fee for participating in your call or better yet do both.

Offer free participation in the initial call, and then charge for access to the recording and/or a transcript of the call.
This way, you maximize the number of people added to your list and you gain revenue in the process.

Only you can know what will work best for your situation and your business. Take a look at the pluses and minuses of a free Teleclass versus a paid one, and choose the one that feels right for you.

Now it’s your turn. Are there any advantages or disadvantages that you see in hosting a free or paid Teleclass?