Virtual Hired Hand - Plan Stress Free Teleclasses

Have you ever planned a kid's birthday party?

Did you think it through?

Or did you start making a list of all your child's friends that you knew of, came up with a theme you liked, and decided on your favorite flavor of cake?

Hopefully this wasn't the approach you took. Birthdays are all about the birthday boy or girl. This also applies to your teleclasses as well. It's all about the attendees.

Here are 5 things you can learn from planning a kid's birthday party:

  1. Ask your child what they want

    Would you consider planning your child's party without finding out what they're interested in? A friend recently learned her 8 year old daughter was still into Chucky Cheese's and wanted to have her birthday party there. Had my friend not asked her daughter, the party would have been at a different location without the singing mouse. Ask your followers what they want. Find out what they're interested in and need help on as it relates to what you provide.

  2. Invite the whole class

    It surprised me to learn that some schools require you invite everyone if over half the class is on the guests list. Makes sense. This clearly eliminates hurt feelings and being left out of all the birthday party chatter. Think of this in terms of your email list, Twitter followers, Facebook fans and friends, and anywhere else you have social media associations and connections. Don't leave anyone out. Give everyone the opportunity to attend. The fact they're on your lists is an indication they like what you're saying and would be interested in more of what you have to offer.

  3. Plan around naptime

    This may sound funny, however, you want to plan your teleclass around a time when you're most alert, energetic, and creative. If 3pm is the time you start restoring oxygen to the brain as you go on a yawning frenzy, please don't plan your event at that time. You want to be at your best.

  4. Be Realistic

    Have you seen the show "My Super Sweet 16?" Well now they've got a version of that show for younger children where parents are spending 5-figures on birthday parties for small kids. This sends the wrong message and is going way too far. Don't overdue it when it comes to providing information. Consider the price of your event in relation to what you plan to provide. Giving a CD/MP3/Transcript may be going overboard for a free teleclass. If you give too much, they'll have no reason to return. If you give to little, they'll have no reason to return. Being realistic in what you provide will help ensure they return.

  5. Have fun yourself

    Make sure what you're speaking on is interesting and fun to you. If you as the host are bored with the information, imagine how someone listening will feel. You are in control of the fun, make sure it's on the list.


Got any party planning tips to share? Please do tell in the comments.