A Teleclass is a Webinar, Teleseminar, or Telesummit. All events done online or via a conference line. Each one of the tips below will help you as you plan for your next event.

5 Things To Note Before You Host A Telesummit

  1. If you’re using video, expect someone to email you regarding their not being able to view it.

    This is very much depends on their Internet speed and computer. All the checks and testing in the world will not resolve a slow Internet connection issue. Think through whether or not video is the best option.

    Consider having shorter video segments to help decrease load time. You could also add an audio or transcript as an added value. This could benefit not just those with an issue viewing the video, but all participants as well.

  2. Step through your entire process so you’ll know what participants will go through when they sign up for your event.

    Often trainers will leave this completely up to their virtual assistant and have questions later regarding the process. Be proactive and know the flow of things.

    It will also help you refine and tweak your process if needed. If you’ve got too many opt-ins following sign up and get frustrated with it, your participants will too.

  3. If you are using InstantTeleseminar for your event, be mindful of the options selected when creating your event.

    If you’ll only be speaking and using no visuals, make sure the PowerPoint slide option is not selected. This way if the event link is provided for the actual event or just the replay, your participants will not be looking at a blank screen. When you leave PowerPoint slide off they only see the event page when listening to the replay or participating live on the call via web cast.

  4. Pre-programmed email broadcast messages give you an opportunity to stay in the moment.

    There may be glitches that need to be addressed or content that needs to be tweaked at the last minute. By having your email broadcast messages pre-written and scheduled, it’s one less thing you have to think about. Of course, you will have tested it all and ensure the links are working.

  5. Pre-scheduled social media blurbs are also another to-do for your event that can be handled long before the event.

    You don’t want to have to think on whether or not you posted on Facebook or Twitter at the final hour. It would be too late and you’ll have other things to do.

It’s very easy to decide to host an event and get it setup in something like InstantTeleseminar or GoToMeeting. However, it’s the details behind the event that could easily trip you up.

Don’t let that be you. One of our unique characteristics is the ability to assist in the thinking through of the details. While you as the visionary see the whole picture, we break it down based on past experiences.

On the day of or week of your event you should not be stressing anything. Instead you should be focused on the participants you will be serving and the valuable content you’ll be providing them with.

How can we serve you in getting your teleclass from an idea to a scheduled event?