5 Steps To Get Your Creative Mojo Back - Virtual Hired Hand

It’s time to write your blog posts and your mind draws a complete blank. All of the topics you can think of sound more scientific or like a foreign film in which no one else speaks your language. You panic because it’s getting late and the deadline you set is coming near. What to do? Everyone is expecting it and you committed to writing it.


Creativity doesn’t come in your PJs.

When you are not in motion to be creative to write, it ain’t happening. You’ve got to move, do something else so your blood can flow freely and you can experience a rush of creative thoughts almost like the ‘MDT’ pill from the movie Limitless. In the movie, ‘MDT’, is a designer drug that makes anyone who takes it have laser focus and more confidence than anyone on earth. Of course there are side effects, but I won’t give away the movie.

Here are 5 ways you can jump start your creative mojo:

  1. Walk. Get your legs moving even if you’re just taking a few steps.

  2. Put some get up and go clothes on. It can be jeans, slacks, a fresh pajama set, or whatever floats your boat.

  3. Put your shoes on. Mules are great because you can just slide them on.

  4. Now you’re walking, you’re dressed…

    At this point, your creative brain may have turned on already.

  5. Grab a pen, paper, or smartphone and get those ideas down. You may feel like you’re going a mile a minute, that’s great! Go with it!

  6. Go to a physical place where your mojo flows freely. It might be your desk, your car, the coffee shop, library, it doesn’t matter. Get there as fast as you can and continue writing.

Curious why you’re now oozing with ideas?

Because at step number one your creative mind got turned on and your physical body followed suit with each movement as you walked, got dressed, and landed at your mojo spot.

The next time you’re having one of your moments go back to step number one. This can be used daily if needed. Whatever you have to do just get moving. Folks are waiting on YOU!

Now it’s your turn to add to this routine. Let me know what you do to get your mojo flowing with crazy creativity.