Before we dive into today’s issue: If you’re wondering, Tiffany, what is a Header Design With An Opt-In?

No worries, let me show you.

Take a look at this image:

The image itself was designed to go at the very top of a web page making it a Header image.

The place where you enter ‘Your Name’ and ‘Your Email’ is an opt-in form. If you were to submit your information, you would receive my free ebook on getting started as a virtual assistant.

This setup is a Header With An Opt-In that you would have designed by a virtual assistant who does graphics or has a graphic designer on her team or you would go to a graphic designer.

Before you outsource the design of your header with an opt-in offer, you’ll want to have the following 5 items in place.


Item Number One: Decide on your website Title.

You’ll want to have a Title for your website. This may seem like a no brainer, however if you haven’t taken your title into consideration, beyond your domain name, you’ll want to do so.

Seek other websites as examples. If you look at our website, you’ll see our Title and domain name are the same.

Title and Website Same

It’s not always a requirement to have a title for your website. In that case, you would not that your decision is not to have a Title for your website in the header design.


Item Number Two: Write a Tagline for your website.

Once you have a Title, you now need a Tagline. It should describe what your website does or provides to your reader.

Our Tagline is listed directly under the Title of our website in the image above “The Go-To Place For Webinar, WordPress, and Social Media Support”.

Unless you’re a household name and have been around for 30-plus years with a celebrity endorsement, I’d stay away from things like “We Do It”. You don’t want your readers asking questions because they don’t understand what you mean. You don’t want them wondering “you do what?”

Please don’t expect your designer to give an opinion about your tagline. Their focus is on the design based on the information you have provided.

They have not been hired to write or advise ONLY design, nor are they qualified to do so UNLESS they’re a copywriter too.


Item Number Three: Have a professional picture of yourself.

You’ll want to provide a professional picture of yourself to be used in your header.

We’ve worked with clients who preferred to use logos instead of their own images. It’s your choice, however most of your clients probably will not remember your logo unless they’re already familiar with you.

Please note: if you provide a logo to your designer, you will not get push back from them. Their job is to use what you have given them.


Item Number Four: Have your Free Offer in hand and ready to go before outsourcing the setup of it.

The moment you pay a virtual assistant to setup your opt-in offer on AWeber you want to have your free offer ready to be sent to them as an attachment via email.

Provide it in PDF so it’s already exactly like you want.

We’ve found depending on which system you use, whether its MS Word, Pages for Mac, or Google Docs, the formatting may not be how you originally intended when downloaded as a PDF. It’s best to already have it in the final format.

If your free offer is a series of emails as opposed to a free report or short ebook, be sure to let your virtual assistant know. This may change the rate of your project.

Also, if your free offer is an audio or video series, your virtual assistant will need to know that well in advance as well.


Item Number Five: For your Thank You email message, include the Subject, Message, noting the spot where you want the Free Offer link to go.

This is the email message that will be sent immediately following someone signing up for your Free Offer. If you want them to confirm their email address, the Free Offer will be sent immediately following the confirmation.

This is how your Free Offer gets delivered to your reader.

When writing your Thank You email message, note where you’d like the link to your Free Offer to go. This is something your virtual assistant can do for you, however, you don’t want your link at the end of your email right before your signature. It’s best to not the location within the Word doc containing your email message.

Also, be sure to include the Subject for your Thank You email message.

Please don’t force your virtual assistant to pull words from your email to be used as the Subject.

Your virtual assistant can handle setting it up in your email system such as AWeber or any other email marketing system of choice. If they can’t, it’s time to find a virtual assistant who can.

Now that you have all five items in place, you’re all set and ready to outsource your header design with an opt-in.