5 Updates For Facebook And Twitter You Don’t Want To Miss
Important Social Media Updates You Want To Know & Tips You Can’t Be Social Without
In This Week’s Weekend Roundup

  1. Facebook 6.0 for iPad and iPhone: hands-on with Chat Heads, stickers, and more

  2. The latest update to Facebook for iOS includes Chat Heads, allowing conversations to pop out above the other activity you are doing on the app. There is also a new Stickers feature, which allows users to include a fun character in their message that is selected from a pack of images. Those who use the app for iPad should also notice a cleaner version of the News Feed with this update.

  3. Facebook Asks You To Please Select Your Emotion

  4. You may have noticed there is a new option available for Facebook status updates that allows users to share how they are feeling using an emoticon. The drop-down menu also includes selections to share what they are watching, reading, listening to, drinking, or eating. This new tool will make it easier for Facebook to collect user data for targeted advertising.

  5. Facebook to remove ‘friends of fans’ metric from Insights

  6. Facebook added “Friends of Fans” to Page Insights in 2011, but it will soon be removed so the focus is on more actionable stats. Page owners have not found it very valuable to see the number of friends of users who Like their page because the News Feed algorithm makes it difficult for posts to reach this potential audience. For those who still want to see the number of friends of fans, this article explains an alternative way to access this data.

  7. Twitter Tries to Make Its Ad Pitch More Googley, With Keyword Targeting

  8. Marketers will now be able to use keyword targeting to show their ads to users who type certain words in their tweets. Negative comments can be filtered so ads are not shown to those who are actually expressing a complaint about the keyword or phrase. Many people are interested to see how these advertising results will compare to using Google AdWords.

  9. Twitter Relaunches Its Twitter For Business Site With More Content, New Video

  10. The Twitter for Business website has been relaunched with a new look and additional content to help users get the most out of this online resource. Included is a new two-minute video offering tips for beginners who want to learn how to successfully do business on Twitter. More advanced users will also find information on how to build their presence.

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