5 Things I Know For Sure About Your Website And Online Presence

by Tiffany Johnson

1-It’s an ongoing process

Don’t rush the process. When you first start creating your website and working with a web person they make ask several different questions to get clear understanding about what you’re looking for and what you plan to do with your website. Many times what you set out to do has nothing to do with how you plan to use your website. This is usually when your web guy starts to advise and make suggestions about your site. Have you found that you easily come up with what you plan to do in the future but planning for what will happen now is a bit difficult. Sometimes we want to rush the process.

We don’t want to see our website with just a header and about us page. However not realizing there are steps in creating a website. It’s a process because you may not know how you want each bit to be you just know what you want at the end. Knowing the end is definitely important. However once you’ve got the end you must walk backwards to identify the pieces that make up everything that’s the process. Ever have a house built and then have it completely decorated and painted from top to bottom a few days following your move? I didn’t think so and if you answered yes, it’s rare. Don’t rush the process or you’ll be disappointed when the next phase of the process begins. It will be ongoing because you’ll find yourself wanting to add more things whether you are aware of them now or not.

2-It’s forever changing

Technology changes daily. If you’ve already got your WordPress site setup you are familiar with the frequency of updates to plugins and WordPress. This really is the beauty of why you’d want to use WordPress. Because it is forever changing means it’s keeping up with changes regarding security and outside access to your website. The overall functionality behind the scenes may get tweaked to ensure the latest methods are incorporated so nothing is out of order on your site. If you’re outside of WordPress it’s less likely code has been updated for this purpose. You’d have to initiate that which means you’d have to be aware of what’s going on technology wise. In essence you are pretty much at the mercy of your hosting company.

3-It’s priceless with valuable content

You can have a pretty website with all kinds of bells and whistles however if the content is not good it’s worthless. It’s like meeting someone you find attractive and then they start talking and you wish they’d just kept their mouths shut. Some people are more attractive just standing and not moving or saying anything. This is exactly what a website with great attractions and empty content is like. I’m sure you can think of at least one website you frequent that may not look the best. Why do you go to it — great content.

4-It’s no good if no one knows about it

How many domains have you registered and tinkered with or decided to park until you could figure out what to do? And how many people visited those websites excluding Google bots and spam? Why? They didn’t know about it. Ever learn about something that’s been there for years and you never realized it was there. Recently, I learned about this Chinese restaurant. It’s been there all along, however someone had to tell me about it in order for me to see it was there and to check it out. Same goes for what you do online.

5-It cannot generate traffic for you.

You must do something. Help them get to you by using SEO and keywords. Tell people about it through social media, word of mouth, business cards, direct mail, email signature, social media bio and so on. This is how you get the traffic to come to you.

Now it’s your turn to share. What do you know for sure about your online presence? Please comment below.