6 Reasons To Consider Adding Webinars to Promote Your Product

Have you ever attended an in home show? Maybe it was for make-up/skincare, kitchenware, or products for the boudoir. If not, here’s a look at the setup.

There’s a hostess with several of her friends excited to see what products the presenter has in store. There may be light refreshments or heavy refreshments depending on the hostess and everyone sits around listening to the presentation. In home shows are major boosters for direct sales.

The beauty of in home shows for product launches:

  1. Immediate feedback from your audience. You’ll know right away whether they like what you’re holding up or speaking about.

  2. Products are demonstrated live giving the audience an opportunity to ask questions and get them answered right then.

  3. The presenter has an opportunity to build rapport with the audience instantly building relationships.

  4. Everyone at the in home show forms an immediate bond/community because of the experience with the product, hostess, and presenter.

This sounds great right? Well what does this have to do with a webinar? EVERYTHING!

Are you familiar with QVC or HSN? Both are networks that have ongoing product segments throughout the day where presenters show off their products.

The beauty of shopping channels?

  1. Shoppers watch from the comforts of their home.

  2. Shoppers can be in the US, UK, British Columbia, East Coast, West Coast, it doesn’t matter. Location is not a factor just as long as they have a TV.

  3. Shoppers have decided on their own to watch because they are interested in the current product segment. Henceforth, the presentation is being delivered to the product’s ideal clients.

Still wondering what this has to do with a webinar? EVERYTHING!

Webinars allow you to reap the benefits of both an in home show and a shopping network.

  1. Webinars allow you to interact directly with your audience. You can choose to chat via computer or allow them to raise their hand and say their question via phone or direct from their computer.

  2. Because of the direct interaction you can ask your audience questions and get immediate responses which can further help you as you continue to market your product.

  3. Your ideal clients will be the ones participating in the session. Unlike a commercial or ad, you know for sure they’re interested because the chose to participate and login.

  4. As the presenter, you no longer are just a company, but a person. People connect with and buy from people.

  5. The product can be demonstrated in the comforts of the home of the presenter as well as the audience. You’re not limited to your current location. Everything is just a click away.

  6. *****

    BONUS, this is something an in home show nor a shopping network can do for your product in regards to marketing.

  7. When you combine social media with your webinar, word about your product has the potential to spread like wild fire. Not only can you have participants interacting directly with you, but also you can have them interact using social media tools sharing what they are participating in.

    Imagine at your next showing you provide links of your products and ask your group to tweet it, post it on facebook and wherever else they provide status updates online. This alone can expand your reach even greater.

Webinars can give a significant boost to your business creating major buzz around your product.

Now it’s your turn. Have you ever attended or presented an in home show? How do you think a webinar could have enhanced the experience?