8 Simple Steps To Your First Webinar – It’s Easy, It’s Fun

8 Simple Steps To Your First Webinar

Dear Business Owner, Trainer, Coach, Blogger, Mediapreneur,

Have you been looking at the content for your webinar for months now? You have tweaked it, put it in Microsoft Word, put it in PowerPoint, yet still are not sure how it goes from being on your computer to a full fledged webinar. I can help!

For the last five years I have worked with presenters, just like yourself. Following these steps, few things fell through the cracks when it came to supporting their online events.

These steps are essential for any online event. They will help you get a better understanding of what is needed to get started. It will also guide you in determining whether to handle it all as a one woman or one man team or if you should get some help. Either way, this is what you need to get started, hosting easy, fun webinars in eight simple steps.

Once you have followed all eight steps, you will be ready to go LIVE!

What’s included?

  • What technology to use to market, perform, and follow up after the event?

  • Where to get webinar topics?

  • Understanding the registration process

  • Determining your webinar strategy

  • And more!



How Much?

– It’s absolutely FREE!

No more holding off on your webinar. Stop Waiting!

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