Spring Cleaning With The Help Of A VA
by Tiffany Parson

It’s time to do a little Spring cleaning in our local office here at Virtual Hired Hand. After moving in December, my office still has boxes and the bookshelf is still empty. I’ve been adjusting to our new home and trying to find the right spot in regards to where I want to work.

Some days I’m sitting in the living room, other days in the dining room until finally towards the end of the week, when I’m really ready to get down and dirty (in a good way) with my work, I end up in the office. Or like today, sitting in a cozy Barnes and Noble with my hubby LJ.

I’ll have to post before and after pics on our Facebook page once everything is all set. (HINT: I’m sharing as a way to hold myself accountable, so please check on me as cleaning is not my first love)

In addition to cleaning my actual office, it’s also a great time to have my virtual assistants jump in to assist with some online cleaning.

One of my VAs Shannon, does a phenomenal job with transcriptions, so she’s been going through all of our audios including Blog Talk Radio episodes and free MP3s and transcribing them. My other VA LaTasha, she’s been with me since the very beginning and she’s going through all of our blog posts and pulling out various nuggets that will be used for social media. Without Shannon and LaTasha a lot of things specific to Virtual Hired Hand would not get done.

I learned about six months into working full-time that I needed my own virtual assistant to support me while I support my clients. They are a invaluable to me and my business.

I’m not sure if you have a virtual assistant for your business or maybe you are a virtual assistant or maybe you’re one of our VIP clients and haven’t had time to send over a request regarding your online Spring cleaning needs. Either way, this list will help you in regards to what a virtual assistant can do to set you free this Spring:

9 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help With Your Online Spring Cleaning:

  1. Read through your old blog posts and pull out tweetables – tips that can be shared via Facebook and Twitter

  2. Go through your audio files and transcribe them so you can reuse them later

  3. Delete inactive plugins from your WordPress website

  4. Check all social media profiles to be sure the information and links provided are the most current

  5. Review all items in ‘Trash’ and ‘Drafts’ of your WordPress website including pages, posts, and media library to either keep or delete permanently or whatever else you’d like to have your VA do with the content

  6. Send Thank You cards to all of the clients you have served this year.

  7. Review all Autoresponder messages in your email system to confirm all links and other references are current

  8. Review checkout processes on your website to be sure everything is working as expected

  9. Review all optin offers to be sure the process is working and flowing as expected

As you can see there are many ways a virtual assistant can assist with your online cleaning. Clearly everyone will have different needs, however this list will get you started. Let a virtual assistant help with your Spring cleaning.

If we can be of service to you this season, please let us know!