About Virtual Hired Hand

You have all this great content and ideas but don’t have the time to do anything with it. You want to update your website, start back sending emails and be present on social media daily. Is it possible?

We believe you should be able to serve and grow online without having to do it all by yourself.

We understand how frustrating it is to know you should be online but have limited capacity.

Virtual Hired Hand has partnered with business owners like yourself to establish a consistent online presence, without adding extra time.

To evaluate your needs, we assess your online assets, match that to your goals and create an online game plan. You decide the entry point to get started.

We understand getting set up online is frustrating. Between software, algorithms, and constant changes, it’s overwhelming. This is the last thing you should have to worry about. For over 15 years, we’ve been the secret weapon for businesses giving them their time and brain cells back.

Schedule a call with us today before you have to learn another thing, that’s not related to your core business.

Virtual Hired Hand Team




Our Story

Virtual Hired Hand has been in business since 2008. At the center of all our services is technology. Our founder and owner was a software engineer/computer programmer. She was labeled a virtual assistant by her clients over 15 years ago. They quickly realized she was actually more.

In 2020 the company grew and brought on other experienced virtual assistant business owners who a focus on the three service categories: administrative, creative and technical.

We believe customers should be able to focus on what they do best; serving their clients.

At a certain point in your business, you should not have to wear all of the hats. This is the year to serve and grow your business online without losing time or sleep.

If your day today stays just like it is, you continue losing time and money. It’s time to stop giving business to your competitors by hiring your own secret weapon.

Our Team

Tiffany D. Parson, USA/NC – Founder/Owner, Chief Technical Strategist
It was out of frustration working at an insurance company that I got into a program to learn computer programming. This lit my fire in learning new technology. As a software engineer/computer programmer I was paid to tinker all day. This eventually led to starting Virtual Hired Hand where clients benefit from both my technical and program management background.

In addition to offering technical services, I saw the need to reuse webinar content. This eventually led into repurposing audios and videos for far more than building online courses.

In my own business, I was frustrated with having to think of content every single day. I mean if you’re serving clients, when exactly do you have time to be online? What if I could multitask and reuse what I was going to create anyway?
From that point forward, I wanted to make repurposing our core service.

Cheryl Harris, USA/GA – Analytics and Technology

My expertise is in the utilization and implementation of various online tools and automating manual processes. I’m passionate about developing workflows, creating efficiencies, and helping business owners expand capacity to serve their clients.

Virtual Hired Hand Team - Ashioma

Ashioma Isu, CA/AB – Digital Content Coordinator

 Utilizing my skills to manage, create and distribute digital experiences lights me up. The joy of knowing that the collective teams effort is having beneficial effects to a company’s bottom line keeps me motivated. 

Virtual Hired Hand Team - Lori

Lori Bruton, USA/NY – Writing and Design

Hello, I am Lori Bruton (like Brewing a Ton of coffee). Words are powerful. I enjoy creating written content that fits the voice and message of each client. As a team we bring our skills together with excellence to provide a lasting wow outcome for our clients.

Virtual Hired Hand Team - Shenika

Shenika Ford, USA/VA – Social Media and Community Support

I love being able to create new ideas for clients that bring their visions to life on most social media platforms. Creating a successful outcome looks like being able to grow your following, interact with your followers by answering questions and being a voice for your brand. 

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