Action breeds confidence- 1st Blab!

Everything I loved about my first Blab-

  • It was imperfect
  • I was nervous with the software but comfortable blabbing with Golda (watch)
  • We had static
  • There was an echo
  • My lighting was non-existent
  • We laughed
  • We shared tips
  • Strangers showed up
  • Strangers became community, no longer strangers 🙂
  • One even came on webcam with us (Hi June)
  • We took Action!

Going again and I want you to join me- Wednesday, September 2nd at 1PM or 8PM Eastern, you get to choose 🙂 Before I jump to all of that, in case you’re wondering, what? What are you talking about Tiffany?

What is Blab? What does it do?

Blab is live streaming app for computer and mobile. You can have up to four people on webcam just like web chatting and Google Hangouts.

There’s a difference here, it’s public (no private blabbing). Anyone can request to come on webcam with you. You of course, have the option to accept or not. You can also lock the open “seat”.

One major thing I’m waiting for, is the ability to do screen sharing. Right now it doesn’t have that.

Next week, I’m hosting a Blabinar (online seminar using Blab). Can you come?

It’s about mapping click through funnels from beginning to end.

When it’s time to create and actual product such as a free offer, digital product, or online event, we focus most of our energy on just that and nothing else. 

What about the after?

What did you want to happen long after someone absorbed your content? Was that it or did you want them to take another step?

Like most of us, our customers won’t take another step unless we provide what that next step is. Whether you are launching a free offer, product, or online event, or need to revise what you currently have, this blabinar is for you. 

  • Discover how to map out your click through funnel from start to finish
  • The biggest mistake business owners make when it comes to click through funnels
  • 5 essential elements needed before you start any click through funnel
  • How a virtual team can help you keep the main thing, the main thing (content and community)

You don’t want to miss it! 

REPLAY #Blabinar…Mapping Your Click Through Funnel

Tiffany On Blab



P.S – Will there be a replay? If all goes well, yes, however I need your awesome face in the place! No pressure 🙂