Actions Speak

I’ve had no words for days. The ugly of this world has bubbled up to the top once again. Am I surprised? No. How do I feel? Tired. Frustrated. Numb.

You see, I’ve been black all my life. I know who’s for or against me without the person saying a word. I came up during a time where racism wasn’t so overt.

I’ve seen posts demanding those who are not of color speak out about what’s going on. People want them to speak because they do business and church with people of color. Listen if someone has to be forced into speaking, does it count?

People show where they stand based on how and who they choose to do life with. Keep talking, however actions speak louder.

If we all loved and treated others as we do ourselves the world would be in a better place. We all must take care of our corners of the world, one by one…Together!