How To Add Fonts To The Standard WordPress Editor

by Tiffany Johnson

Not sure if you have ever noticed, but the WP Editor does not allow you to select a font for your blog post.

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Instead it defaults to whatever you have selected as your default font for your website.

Our website uses the theme Thesis and currently has the default font for content set to Verdana.

Up until this point we accepted that the WordPress standard editor doesn’t allow you to choose a font and haven’t questioned it. Sure, there are workarounds and things that can be done coding wise, however it hasn’t been important enough to get that involved. Of course if a client ever requested it, we would make it happen.

This morning I decided to checkout a new plugin because it allows you to pull in fonts that are stored on Google’s server.

Plugin —> Supreme Google Webfonts

Before this if you wanted a nonstandard font on your website you had to purchase the font files or download free fonts and store them on your own web server.

This works great, however with this plugin it’s even better. Oh the beauty of having a WordPress website.

After activating the plugin and heading over to the add a new post, I discovered an added benefit. Now, there is a dropdown that allows you to not only select nonstandard fonts, but also more familiar fonts such as Arial, Arial Standard, and Helvetica.

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In fact, all of the familiar fonts are there along with some additional fun fonts. If you never use a nonstandard font like this, you can at least benefit from being able to select the font you want for your pages and posts.

Now, I don’t recommend you go font crazy and have a ton of different fonts…

a ton of different fonts

a ton of different fonts

a ton of different fonts

on your page or post, but it is nice to know what’s available.

Please note this plugin my slow down the load of your site slightly, although I haven’t seen that to be the case so far. Take it for a drive yourself and let me know how it turns out.

Had you previously realized you could not select a font in the standard WordPress editor? How have you been getting around this issue? Please share below.