Ads On Instagram, A New Look For Twitter And Other Social Media Updates

  1. Instagram teaching ad-makers how to be less square

  2. A new book, The Instagram Handbook for Brands, features brand values and includes examples from eleven brands that have done a great job of posting engaging content. Until this book is available, you can check out these five valuable tips for brands that want to create more compelling posts. Find the beauty that is around you right now and share it with others!

  3. Twitter Testing Major Profile Redesign That Looks a Lot Like Facebook

  4. Twitter may soon have a very different look. The profile currently being tested out includes more space for the header photo with the main profile picture and bio set off to the left. The tweet stream also has more of an emphasis on photos. Twitter will likely keep making tweaks but you can check out some images here of what the redesign may look like.

  5. Facebook Looks To Help Advertisers Sharpen Their Aim With Launch Of Core Audiences

  6. Facebook will soon be rolling out new ad targeting capabilities for Core Audiences. This will allow marketers to target users near a certain location, those with specific demographics, and those who have expressed interest in certain topics. Partner categories will be added to target behaviors outside of the social network, such as purchases made and devices used.

  7. Now Anyone Can Publish Content on LinkedIn. Here’s How

  8. LinkedIn started the Influencers program a couple years ago by inviting select people to write for LinkedIn Today, which has now been replaced by Pulse. Soon all users will be able to publish original content directly on LinkedIn as a new program rolls out. Find out how this will work and get some tips on how to write content to appeal to a wider audience.

  9. LinkedIn Finally Lets You Block Other Members

  10. LinkedIn has added a new blocking feature that many members have been requesting. This will be useful for those who want to protect their privacy as well as those who want to reduce the amount of spam they receive. A blocked member won’t be able to access the profile or be able to send a message.

  11. The LinkedIn Settings Mistakes Most People Still Make

  12. If you don’t want your LinkedIn connections to be notified about every tweak you make to your profile, there is a way to turn off automatic alerts. This post explains how to do this and covers some other recommended setting changes. Take some time now to review your settings so you can avoid making mistakes that can interfere with what you are trying to accomplish.