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9 Ways A Virtual Assistant Can Help With Your Online Spring Cleaning

Can’t figure out what how a virtual assistant can help with your business. This list is a great start. You’ll also be inspired as you go through everything and come up with your own task. Whether it’s for Spring cleaning, end of the year clean up, or because you’ve never had it done before, discover nine ways a virtual assistant can help.

The Holiday Virtual Assistant – Part I

This article discusses how a virtual assistant can serve you this holiday season. If you’ve been working with a virtual assistant all year, why not enlist additional services from them during the holiday. Your virtual assistant can be the eyes and ears for your business making you aware of the absolute necessities so you can enjoy your family. This applies anytime you plan to be away from the office. You may even decide these tasks are things that could be outsourced on a regular basis so you can focus on what generates income for you.

What To Say When You’re Looking For A Virtual Assistant

If you were working with a real estate agent to find your dream home, I’m sure you’d have a list of things you’d want in your new home. When it comes to searching for a virtual assistant, you want to create the same type wishlist. This article discusses how to come up with your virtual assistant wishlist and what that looks like when speaking with virtual assistants.

How To Find The Right Virtual Assistant For Your Coaching Business

How do you know if a virtual assistant is right for your coaching business? What are you looking for? It really depends on you, your business and what you’re looking for. It’s important to have an open conversation when interviewing prospective virtual assistant’s for your business. Keeping in mind they too are business owners. This article goes into detail on how to find the right virtual assistant for your coaching business.

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6 Ways To Use Social Media For Webinars

More than likely you already know what you want to share on a webinar or have several somethings you’d like to share with your audience during a virtual event. Do you know what your audience has to say in regards to your topic? In this article, discover six ways to use social media for webinars starting with learning what your audience is saying about your topic.

Work Like A Comedian For Your Webinar Content

You’re concerned about your webinar content. Rightfully, you should be. However is the concern regarding the right thing? There are usually three big things that hold business owners back from hosting their first webinar or continuing to host webinars. (1) The Numbers (2) Content (3) Excuses. It’s time to start working like a comedian when it comes to your webinars. Explore what that means in this article.

The ‘Web’ In Webinar, Does Not Stand For WebCam

Although attendees are able to see your “visual aids” for the event, that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. It’s rare for an hour long presentation to only show the speaker’s webcam. In fact, webinars don’t require a camera at all. Discover other options outside of a webcam for delivering webinar content.

3 Reasons To Show and Share With Webinars

If you haven’t added webinars to your marketing strategy, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to expand your reach. Webinars allow you to show and share a product, service, information, or provide training. If webinars have not become a part of your regular marketing toolbox, it’s time to start thinking about giving them a try and this article gives you three reasons to do so.

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3 Quick Tips Guide Setting First Website

This is the place that gets most people stuck, the technology of a website, especially if it’s your first website. It doesnʼt have to be that way. In fact, it can be very simple once you have the exact steps for setting it up. Let me first say, Iʼm not going to teach any code or programming. This is written just for you in plain English. No geek speak, I promise:)

How To Assess Your Own Website

This article is a behind the scenes look at what I see as a techie when I go to your website. If you’ve ever wanted to have your website reviewed, this is a general idea. It’s a starter list based on what’s visible on your website. Be sure and download the checklist at the end.

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