Add tons of value.

How many times have you seen this, read it or said it? Yet how many times have you sat down and mapped out what adding tons of value means for you and what you provide?

For me, it’s tough because as a service provider I think much of my value is tied to what I do for paying clients.

There’s a fine line between my value and giving something away for free that existing clients are paying for.

Right when I think I’ve figured it out, something comes up that causes me to think I don’t have it. So I sit paralyzed, biting my nails, wondering what the heck do I have to offer you that is of value that’s not going to waste your time because you have an online business, job, family, life, and more.

Do you have this same issue when it comes to adding value to your own blog or email list?

Are we playing it too safe by not sticking our necks out far enough to see what's valuable and what’s not. A- play-it-safe kind of blog sucks and I don’t even like those myself.

It seems the posts that get the most attention are the ones like this where I get pissed. And then promise to do better. A better business, a better blogging year. I don’t know. I’m fed up with the better. It’s time to just shut up and do.

So here goes:

Yes, this is the part where I add value. If you’ve gotten this far then you’re letting me know that I’m not alone. That adding value is important to you just as much as it is to me.

You’re letting me know that this area is of interest and you are going to stick your neck out as well.

A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what a ship is built for. ~Unknown

Is this valuable?

Your valuable asset is the information that you keep in your head. The stuff you toy around with and then say nah, that’s too much.

  • The too much is what your community is waiting for.

  • The too much is the meaty parts that everyone is leaned forward in their seats dying for you to share.

  • The too much is the limb, the chance we take, the risk we agreed to when we agreed to step forward and declare our stake in the market place.

  • The too much is right outside our comfort zone and that’s exactly where we should be.

Start with your writing,Start with your speakingStart with your recorded videos

It doesn’t matter, just get started. You have too much to offer to let your too much get in the way of the value you have to give.

You’ve got to go out on a limb sometimes because that’s where the fruit is. – Will Rogers

What is valuable?

Start answering some questions. You’ve been around long enough to know the most common questions people ask you when they first come to you.

You probably have another list of questions they ask once they’ve been around for a while. And it goes on. Each level has a different set of questions.

Start now preparing your arsenal of information. It’s like creating your own knowledge base. You probably could create a years worth in a weekend.

A found this podcast episode to be really helpful in giving real world examples on adding value.

The content we provide whether written, verbalized or in video, gives people a peak into who we are. It’s a way for them to see behind the computer. And we should no longer be afraid or concerned about what we look like or sound like.

It’s all about building relationships and giving ourselves away adding, dare I say value…

When you know what to give you make life easier for yourself, your audience, and your virtual team.

This week, what can you give your community that you’ve held back from? What would make a difference to them this year so that next year can be AMAZING?

Get started now, it’s never as hard as we think.

Make it a FABULOUS one!