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The Cardinal Rules Of Website Ownership

Every tried to come up with an idea or topic and completely strain your brain? Maybe you sit in a quiet spot and began meditating on what your subject matter would be. This could happen when writing a report, book, blog post, material for your teleclass, or eNewsletter. It happens to the best of us. I’ve learned to work on something else and then what you need usually comes.

This morning I was doing some web research for an assignment and found this super fabulous website. I’d really like to provide the link here, however I couldn’t believe the cardinal rules were being broken.

Like I said I really like this site and will go back, but I’m going to have to send myself an email reminder or something because she’s breaking the following rules and in the process got me frustrated as a reader.
Here’s why:

  1. I had to search for the share buttons on the blog post. They are super, super tiny and at the bottom of the article.

  2. I’d really like to get her newsletter, but…there isn’t one. I mean, there isn’t an opt-in box to give my name and email address.

    Can you imagine someone coming to your site and ready to give you their most valued thing online and you’ve not provided a way for them to do so?

    I wonder how many other people have stopped by this oh so fabulous website and left saddened because they couldn’t stay in touch?

  3. Speaking of staying in touch. I want to follow her on Twitter and see what else she says regularly. I would even like her on Facebook, but, but…it’s not on the website.

    Yes, you read correctly, there is no Contact Us page, or social media buttons in the sidebar for me to click on and become a follower and Facebook “liker”. NO WHERE!

    I’m really in shock over here.

If you don’t do anything else, make sure you’re not breaking:

The Cardinal Rules Of Website Ownership

– Thou shall have an opt-in for those who want to be my loyal readers so they can get the inside scoop on my blog posts and anything else going on with me.

– Thou shall have social media links so I can get to know my loyal readers and followers.

– Thou shall make it clear how readers can share my blog posts by using a Facebook Like button and Twitter button not only at the bottom, but at the top of my blog posts as well.

And if nothing else, have an RSS feed which is automatically included if you’re using WordPress. It’s

When I really like a website, I want to TLC it, Twitter it, Like it, and Comment on it. But I cannot do that if it’s breaking the cardinal rules.

It may not be you, but are you letting your friends break the rules?

Friends Don’t Let Friends Violate The Cardinal Rules Of Website Ownership

*This has been a public service announcement from Virtual Hired Hand, where our mission is to spread the freedom and opportunity of working from where ever you are with an Internet connection using family friendly technology.

Now it’s your turn to share. Has this ever happened to you? Did you remember to go back to the website?