You’re Being Charged For Your Unsubscribes On AWeber
by Tiffany Johnson

A while back I wrote an article with some surprising information about MailChimp. Just this week I learned something about AWeber. You may or may not already be aware of it, however I thought it was important enough to share.

The pricing structure at Aweber is based on the number of contacts in your account. Up until this point I had interpreted that to mean subscribers. However contacts doesn’t mean subscribers it means contacts which includes those who have unsubscribed as well.

Our list is growing which is great and prior to this I had no idea, in fact knowing wouldn’t have made a significant difference. When I got the notice that we had been bumped to the next level on AWeber I was excited. I have no problems paying additional this means our list is growing. YAY!

Of course I had to go immediately to my AWeber account just to see with my own eyes and be happy because of our progress. I’m looking at our numbers and something is not adding up. Then I realized what was happening. We were being charged for everyone who has ever been added to our list.

I quickly got AWeber on live chat because it was just too early to speak with anyone on the phone and they explained the situation. Okay no problem, however I wanted to know how to delete the unsubscribes in my contact lists.

After the person on the other end explained they also advised that I hold on to the unsubscribes because I may want to do some analysis to determine why they become unsubscribes in the first place. Think about this, do you want to know what happened with the unsubscribes on your list? Is it important to know why they unsubscribed?

I can easily see how this would be important if all of sudden a large percentage made a mass exodus from your list. However, we have been collecting names and emails since early 2010. There wasn’t any significant reason to go combing through why someone unsubscribed back in 2010. I already know the answer to that and it had to do with the free offer. A 7 week eCourse just wasn’t immediate enough for who we were looking to attract. We’ve learned so much since then.

All in all, I’m still a big fan of AWeber and the unsubscribes have all been removed from our precious contacts lists so everything is all good.

If you’re not sure about AWeber, this is a great starting point Why AWeber and 3 Not So Obvious, But Very Important Things About MailChimp. And if you’re curious how to remove the unsubscribes on your list here’s how:

Step 1: Select Your Current List. In the Navigation Menu select Subscribers > Search

Step 2: Select ‘Unsubscribe’ from the dropdown and then hit ‘Search’

Step 3: Click ‘Erase’ which is the last column. This will check the box for all of the contacts listed. Then click ‘Save’

Your unsubscribes are now removed from your list!

Please note it may take a while to update on your home tab. Also note, once the unsubscribes are gone they’re gone.

You're Being Charged For Your Unsubscribes On AWeber