Just Be Kind

I’m starting this series about churches and social media. To start, I want to paint a picture for my traditional saints. This may be a slow walk, however, it’s going to be a fun one!


I’m from the South and growing up almost everyone went to church or was affiliated with a church in some way. Even if they only went to Sunday School. This was in the 80s. Fast forward to 2020…

It’s almost like cursing someone out if you ask do they have a church home.
Sure in your mind, you’re kicking off your evangelism process, spreading the gospel, or simply want to show off that you go to the “it church”.

So, what to do?



WAIT to be asked.

BE A LIGHT in this world of darkness.

DEMONSTRATE THE LOVE OF CHRIST in your daily walk. You know, like

(1) in your neighborhood, stop at the stop sign instead of running the stop sign.

(2) SMILE for goodness sake! Jesus died for you, the least you could do is SMILE

(3) wipe off your equipment at the gym, even if you only sat on the bench holding an hour long conversation.

(4) give a good tip to the waiter especially when you know you’re real picky about your food.

In summary:

“Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.” – Luke 6:31 (New American Standard)

Before a church can hop on THE SOCIAL MEDIA they must first be able and willing to demonstrate the love of Christ.