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Comparing Yourself To Others Is Unnecessary Pressure

Are you guilty of comparing yourself or your business to someone else? Aren’t we all?

When you look at things from the outside it’s silly to compare yourself to someone who’s been working online for many years.

It’s unfair to expect to have your website to be all set within a couple of days, especially if you’re doing it yourself. It takes a while to get into a comfortable place with yourself and your business. By making comparisons you put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

If you’ve ever moved into a new home or apartment you know it takes a while to get comfortable in the space and decide how you’d like to decorate it. It may take you years to figure out what color to paint the walls or maybe you’re still sitting on those builder white walls because you’re afraid of making a bad choice or wasting money.

I understand because my walls are still builder white and for some reason I’ve not been able to commit to a color other than beige. I’m sure my renters have done more decorating than I ever did.

When it comes to your website the same rules apply.

The funny thing is you have no idea what has taken place behind the scenes. You don’t know if they’ve outsourced their entire website so they could focus on revenue generating business or if they spent 10 or more hours getting everything “perfect.” And you don’t know how many revisions, tweaks, and updates have taken place during the various stages of their business.

We’ve gone through several different website designs since our first website launch in 2008. I won’t go into that story right now, but you can check it out »here«.

It takes time to get comfortable in your online space, just like your home. And if you’re one of those who completely furnished, painted, and decorated your home within the first 90 days according to exactly what you wanted without any assistance, more power to you. We need your secret:)

But that’s not the norm. For the most part it takes a year or so to adjust to a new home, especially if you are a first time home buyer. When you’re used to living in a dorm or apartment, having a permanent residence takes a while to sink in.

And if you’re single, it may take even more time because you get to make all of the decisions yourself. What type counter tops, flooring? And will it be the same in the master bath as the guest bath? Should your guest bedroom be an office, bedroom, or den? You have all of the choices to make and no deadline because your home is yours.

Your website is similar except there is a deadline. You do want to get things up and running, but there’s no deadline as to when everything is going to be just right for you.

Do you know why? Because things change, your taste changes, and technology is forever changing.

Just a few months ago we weren’t thinking about Google+ and how to incorporate it into our business model. And several years before that we weren’t tweeting anything. The only Tweetie Bird we knew was being chased by Sylvester the cat from the Bugs Bunny cartoon.

It’s a guarantee things will change. When it comes to your website, stand in the now and get what’s required up and running so you can start achieving your business goals and leave the comparisons for shopping.

If you’re just getting started or revamping your website start with the basics use PayPal for your shopping cart and then grow to something else like 1ShoppingCart. When it comes to themes for your WordPress website, if you aren’t able to get a paid theme such as Thesis, go with a free one remembering that you can always change it later. Your website is like the infant bed that grows as your child grows. When things need to be changed at the next level, do so, nothing is etched in stone.

You set the standard for when and where you want to be based on the deadline that you choose for yourself. Move forward at the level you are at and before you know it, you just may be sailing way beyond so and so who you were comparing yourself.

Now it’s your turn. Please share in the comments below, what will you do to stop comparing yourself to others and how will you move forward, quickly, TODAY?