How Content Creation Sparked My “Pinterest”by Tiffany Johnson

When I started taking online projects I quickly discovered that any time I was asked about a new software or tool it was immediately after I’d learned how to use it or heard of it. It happened with 1ShoppingCart, AWeber, OptimizePress, Nanacast, Instant Teleseminar, and the list goes on and on. I was amazed and clearly God had his hand in my business.

It even happened when I learned of WordPress. As soon as I heard of WordPress a week later I’d get a client who wanted me to maintain her WordPress blog and get this, she had Thesis. And Thesis would later play a significant role in my business. Wow, talk about divine intervention. Fast forward almost 4 years and this is still going on to this day.

Last October my good friend from college told me about Pinterest and how I should get on it and check it out. I blew it off because I had lots more important things to do than “pin” shoes and clothes, so I thought. When I got back home from my visit, I completely forgot our discussion about Pinterest and went on my merry way. Until…

I got an email from her, two of them as a matter of fact, a few weeks ago inviting me to…Pinterest. I blew it off again and tagged it in green as a ‘Personal’ email, yeah, I color code and star things in my Inbox and move them to special folders.

Well, last week I spoke with a client about optimizing her website and how well she’s doing on social media since we discussed it two years ago. She started with 63 fans or something like that and now has almost 9000 and counting. She was concerned no one would want to hear about regular everyday things. I’m so proud of it’s taken off. You can check it out here:

In that conversation, guess what she mentioned?


And of course I’d heard about it casually months before and there were not one, but two invites sitting in my ‘Personal’ folder waiting for me to respond. Needless to say I have since signed up and am learning what it is and how it can be beneficial for someone like me who provides a service. For her I could immediately see how it would be helpful since she sells actual products like handbags and such, but me, a WordPress, website, techie? Not so sure.


Yesterday. I recently read a great way to get your content out there and how to be creative with your blog posts and social media. One option I immediately gravitated to was “Wordless Wednesdays.” This is where you post inspiration images on social media. Fun stuff, only I had no idea where people were getting those fun images. A Google search was needed and I wasn’t really satisfied with what I was finding so I gave it a rest. In the meantime, I went to Facebook like I do everyday, it’s a must for business:) Well low and behold I saw another one of those inspirational images and this one had a link too….


What?! God are you serious? Oh yeah:)

Keep in mind just the day before I’d signed up for Pinterest and was clueless what to add, who to follow, and where to click. This was perfect. I immediately clicked on the link and got excited. I found the inspirational images, sweet! Okay, so now what. At this point I completely forgot about “Wordless Wednesday,” but definitely have plans to get back to it. I browsed a bit more, but got frustrated with the lack of instruction. If you haven’t noticed I like steps and if there aren’t any steps in an orderly fashion, I’ll create one. I went on about my business after all I did have some work to do.

Later and back on Facebook, guess what? Someone posted a link about…none other than…

Pinterest! It was a link to a beginners guide. Woohoo! I was excited and of course thanked God for dropping more info right in my lap. I read the article which was great and you can check it out here –> Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hot New Social Network.

This spurred more searching on Google and I found another great article on how to get it in your tool bar and how you can use it for eCommerce which can be found here –> How to Use Pinterest for Your Ecommerce Business.

This brings me to point of this entire blog post. If you’ve been wondering what’s all of the noise about regarding Pinterest and how you can use it in your business you’ll want to check the articles linked in this post.

Things to notice:

  • How you can feature images relative to your blog, write a summary and link it to your blog or specific post
  • You can pin YouTube videos which is a perfect way from people to find you in additional to all of the other ways you’re optimizing your information
  • You can also find great images to use on your blog post, with credits of course, just like the one in this post.

I’m very excited about this new way of sharing information. There’s always something new to learn, it’s how we embrace it that counts.

You can find me on Pinterest here –> here.

If you need an invite, provide me with your email. I’d love to hear how you’re using Pinterest for your business, you know where to share:).

Top Image Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest