Have you found that people are more bold online than they would be in person?

Seems like folks are more willing to express their thoughts and opinions without finding out who you are.

How do you handle that when it’s directed at your business an what you provide? This weekend roundup contains a few articles that will help you when it comes to social media down to what to do about a mean tweet.

July 14th Weekend Roundup:

3 Social Media Links To Help You Better Serve Your Customers

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate and maybe the thought of doing research about social media and the latest updates plus keeping up with what’s going on in your own industry is way too much.

We want to be your resource and help you filter through all of that information. Each article selected has been handpicked with you in mind. It will feature the good stuff, the important stuff. The stuff that will make you want to do something, get a result as opposed to reading for information sake.

  • Mean Tweets: Managing Customer Complaints

  • Why Twitter Still Rules Customer Service

  • 10 things you didn’t know about online consumers

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  1. Mean Tweets: Managing Customer Complaints

  2. Your customers are on Twitter talking to each other each and every day. One day, the topics of discussion might be YOU. In this article, learn how to manage customer service complaints on Twitter and possibly turn an upset customer into a brand cheerleader for your company.

  3. Why Twitter Still Rules Customer Service

  4. Do you use social media to make personal connections with your customers? If a large corporation like Verizon Wireless can do it, you can too. See how one social media savvy customer battled the company’s dreaded automated phone system and won.

  5. 10 things you didn’t know about online consumers

  6. Once you’ve made the decision to reach your customers online, you’ve got to understand their habits. This article highlights 10 things you should know about how your customers buy. Use this data, based on research from iStragey Blog, to build a social media program that works, for you and for your customers.

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