Virtual Hired Hand - Don't Discount Yourself

The funniest thing happened over the weekend.

I tweeted that I was heading to dinner and then Barnes and Noble to write this week’s blog posts. One of my followers responded that he didn’t know I was a writer and asked for advice on writing.

Who? Me? A writer.

Well I’ve written blog posts, articles, and a report here and there but I wouldn’t say I was a writer.

This is what I said to myself. This was my initial conversation with me. If this happened to you and you were telling me this story, I’d say, “You’re always writing something in a notebook or journal. And you write each week on your blog. What do you think that is? How much more writing do you need to claim you are a writer?”

It’s funny I know. Maybe because you’ve done the same thing. Discounted something because it may not be as grande as you think it should be. Grand starts out petit and grows with nourishment, exercise, and practice.

All of these things come together to grow and build your blog, your website, your business, or new product.

The next time you’re tempted to discount your abilities think of what you’d say to someone in your same situation. Would you discount a doctor because he’s still in his residency? Would you discount a playwright because he didn’t graduate high school and only has a GED? Would you discount a business woman who makes sandwiches for the local construction crew? Would you discount a journalist because she’s just on a local show and not nationally syndicated?

Better yet:

Would you have told Dr. Oz during his residency, you’re not really a doctor, wait until you’ve become America’s doctor?

Would you have told Tyler Perry you didn’t graduate high school, how can you be a writer, much less own your own studio and make millions of dollars from movies?

Would you have told Paula Deen when she was making sandwiches, there’s no way you’re going to be able to grow this into a real business much less be on TV or write books?

Would you have told Oprah, you’re just a local reporter, wait until you’ve got your OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)?

Seems silly unh? So why do we do this to ourselves. Who are you that you’re discounting?

Now it’s your turn, what in you have you discounted?