Dream Job or What Comes Natural?
by Tiffany Johnson

This morning Ann Curry will announce that she is leaving the “Today Show”. In an article on the Huffington Post she shares how this will be a sad time for her and that she’ll miss everyone.

It’s been reported that being co-host of the show was her “dream job”, however it’s also been noted that reporting more serious news comes easy for her.

What do you do? Go for the “dream” job or do what comes natural?

When we entered the world we were wired a certain way based on the set purpose and plans that God had for our lives. However, school, family, society, and ourselves have gotten in the way and interrupted the natural design flow.

At what point did we learn that challenge meant being on the right track?

And why does “easy street” have a negative connotation?

I remember in high school I would designate which class would be my “C” class. This was reserved for a subject I didn’t care for like History, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. In my 15 year old mind, I figured I was not going to stress myself out. And so for 3 years I worked this plan.

The classes I enjoyed most, I would do extra work whether it would be graded or not simply because I enjoyed doing it.

Choosing the service, product or skill for business is no different. The sad part is for some reason many are still working from a challenge as opposed to what comes natural. Instead of accepting that writing, teaching, or drawing comes natural and easy we go for skills that are completely opposite and make developing a business harder than what it should be.

I see it way too often where people are trying to create graphics or do code when they have not been wired to do so.

When I first learned computer programming before enrolling in the program we had to take a competency test. This would help determine if we were more likely or less likely to catch on to technical concepts and logic. For those who did not get a certain score or higher they were not offered an opportunity to participate in the program.

Sure it was disappointing for some, however I’d love to check in on them today to see how they feel about it now.

As a coder, programmer I see my website from the code side of things. I recently did a quick training video for a client and she asked if she also had to be on the HTML tab in WordPress in order for the thing I was showing her to work. I didn’t even realize I was on that tab until she asked. It’s what comes natural for me.

During my pre-WordPress days I used a software program called Dreamweaver and it also had a visual editor and a source code editor. Guess which one I always went to? Exactly the source code editor. It’s what comes natural for me.

In fact writing this blog post I’m typing directly into TextWrangler and then will add the HTML code to be copied and pasted into WordPress and AWeber. By doing this I have no formatting issues and if I did, they can easily be changed within the code of course.

Each of us has a way that comes natural for doing the things we do everyday. I’ve learned not to impose my way because people think differently.

Evaluate where you’re spending the majority of your time. Are you struggling when it comes to adding widgets and code to your site or are you stubborn and determined to find a solution so you’ve convinced yourself that tearing your hair out is part of the learning process?

All I know is when we stick to what comes natural to us things work out for the best. While you’re forcing your round hole into a square peg, someone else’s peg just landed perfectly in their hole and they are reaching their goals with much less effort because it fits naturally. This does not mean there will not be challenges, it just means we don’t have to bring challenges with us.

If you know what comes easy to me would make a perfect match for what comes easy to you, please contact us.
It would be an honor to serve you!