Here’s something interesting and something that may surprise you.

When I ask clients for their link and login information I get the userid and password. Often, the link to their website is not immediately provided even though the request is for link and login.

Here’s the funny part. I go searching for the website in several different places: Email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Email Signature

My first thought is that surely it’s in the email signature. However, too often it’s not. Your email signature is a great place to promote your website and social media links. It’s one of the first places people you have emailed will look to find you online.

If the information is not in the email signature, I check…

Facebook Personal Profile

I type in my client’s name and click on the link for ‘Works at’. Too often this link is no good. If ‘Works at’ says “Self Employed Entrepreneur”, “I work for my self”, or your company name, where does it take you when you click on it? If it looks anything like this:

It’s NOT good!

Here’s a great post by Mari Smith that shows you step-by-step how to link your Facebook Business Page to the work section on your personal Facebook profile. The #1 Mistake On Your Personal Facebook Profile


The last place I’ll check is your Twitter account. However if your name is not on your Twitter account, I won’t be able to find you there either.

If your web person cannot locate you online, guess how many others can’t find you either. And more than likely they aren’t going to check these three channels.

To avoid this do the following checks:

Does your email signature include your current, actual web address? I’ve seen signatures that include the old web address name or a different one from the one we’re working on.

On Facebook does the ‘Works at’ click to your Facebook business page making it easy for people to find your website address? Don’t waste this useful spot, make the most of your online real estate.

Does your Twitter account include your full name or does it include your business name? If you’re wondering what name to use. Ask yourself, how many business names do you know compared to the actual names of the people who are associated to those businesses. More than likely their name comes to mind first over their business name.

You may be wondering why don’t I just email the client and get the link. Sure, I could do this also. However, it could take longer to get a response. It’s much easier to do a quick search and get it right away over the email, even though that is the last resort.

Have you made it easy for people to find you online or do you need to make some immediate changes to your email signature, Facebook personal profile, and Twitter?