Engage With Your Thank You Page

Video Transcription:

Let’s talk about the process of your sale, this is after someone has purchased from your WordPress website and it’s about how they get your product, but also what happens after that.

As we’re in the process of planning actually finishing up our Black Friday offer and this is something that will carry you over into your other promotions throughout this year and next year and on and on.

You always want to think about the process that your customers will go through as they are purchasing.

A lot of times we get the initial done, we’ve got the copy done, and we’ve got the product done and we’ve delivered to them, but we don’t think about the after.

Like, how are we saying “thank you.”

On your Thank You page, there’s several things you can do to really engage your customer and get them excited that they even bought from you in the first place.

I took a few notes here just to show you how you can engage on your Thank You page. Let me take this off.

So the first thing you might want to consider is:

You may want to video yourself saying “thanks so much for purchasing my….. I’m glad you’re here. Look at your link below to grab your l ink below to grab your copy of” and then whatever the product may be.

May be you also want to consider if not video, try a picture.

I saw a great Thank You page on Tyler Perry’s website actually after you sign up for his mailing list and he’s got this cool picture of him sitting there and he’s like looking at you like this.

And under it, it’s says “thank you so much yada, yada, ya Tyler Perry” and so a picture works as well.

Virtual Hired Hand - Virtual Assistant - Sample Thank You Page

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Another thing you can do is include links to additional resources. So give them an option to continue with you with additional resources.

Virtual Hired Hand - Web Developer Virtual Assistant - Sample Thank You Page

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Maybe it is encouraging them to be a part of your regular updates. Not saying “join your newsletter” but to be apart of your VIP community or something like that. Anything other than “join my mailing list”.

But the goal is for them to be a part of that newsletter.

You can also with your additional resources is lead them to the most popular blog posts or blog posts that are related to the product that they just purchased.

So maybe you can say something like “since you’re interested in this you may also want to read about more here on the blog posts” and that again draws them in to what you have to say. Pulls them into the community and may even also get their interest to be a part of your email list as well.

Virtual Hired Hand - WordPress Blog Maintenance - Sample Thank You Page

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A third thing which is great, we all like bonuses and unexpected surprises, so maybe you can include a bonus on that Thank You page.

This just gives you an idea of some things that you can do as you’re planning that wonderful Thank You page.

And going forward after you’ve completed your product, this is how you can continually learn and continually observe other Thank You pages that you see.

  1. Note.

    Take note of it. Take note of the Thank You pages that you like and the ones that you don’t like. Noting the things that seemed to work or really caused you to say “umm, I like that” or the things that made you smile on that thank you page.

  2. Observe.

    The other thing is to observe. You’ve got to observe with everythign single email, with every single process that you do online. Observe how you are told “Thank You.”

  3. Collect.

    Collect different examples with screenshots or you can create different, grab those snapshots using Evernote or just your regular ‘Print Screen’ on your computer and put it in a folder. This way when you’re ready to create your thank you pages you can draw some inspiration and you’re not always having to you know just start from a blank canvas.

It’s so important how we say “Thank You”.

You can engage your customer on that Thank You page.

Yes they already purchased.

Yes, they’re saying yes to you and your product by the purchase, but the relationship is just beginning.

End it or open it depending on that Thank You page.

Thanks so much!

Have a super day.

Now it’s your turn. Please share in the comments below how you will use your thank you page to engage your audience.