It's All About Facebook And What You'll See Or Not In Your Feed

  1. Facebook Tests Auto-Play Video Ads

  2. Facebook is testing a limited number of video ads that will automatically play as users scroll through their News Feed. Once the user taps or clicks on the video they will be able to hear the sound and watch it in full screen. Mobile users won’t have to worry about these ads using up their data plan because the videos will only play while connected to Wi-Fi.

  3. Facebook Says Goodbye to a Controversial Ad Feature

  4. Sponsored Stories will no longer be available on Facebook after April 9th. This advertising feature allowed for social endorsements of products and brands, but many users felt it was a violation of their right to privacy for their likes and profile photos to be used in ads. Marketers who enjoyed this ad format will now have to test out other ways to build their community.

  5. Facebook Algorithm Update – Expect a Continued Decrease in Organic Page Reach

  6. Due to changes in the News Feed algorithm, posts made by Pages are now only reaching two to three percent of their fans. Facebook states this will continue to decrease but those who do see the posts are the fans that are most likely to engage with it. Check out this article to learn more about this and how Page admins can increase visibility and engagement despite the decrease in organic page reach.

  7. Facebook News Feed Changes (and What it Means for Pages)

  8. Facebook recently made a slight change to the News Feed algorithm so that users will see less text-only posts from Pages and more status updates sharing links. It is recommended that Pages use the link share tool rather than embedding links directly in an update. You can learn how to create a link-share post in this article.

  9. Pinterest Is Experimenting With GIFs

  10. Pinterest is testing out a new feature to support animated GIFs so they will no longer appear as still images when uploaded to a pinboard. These pins will include a button so users can play and pause the GIF. It is not yet known when this feature might be rolled out to all users.

  11. Facebook Hints At Mobile Ad Network Ambitions By Testing Its Ads In Third-Party Apps

  12. Facebook advertisers may soon have an even greater reach with ads for third-party apps. Similar ads have been tested in the past but this time Facebook is working directly with advertisers. Targeting capabilities will be used to show the most relevant ads to users on mobile devices.