Your Facebook Insights Could Hold A Hidden Gem: Your Most Popular Topics
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Have you noticed your favorite Facebook pages are missing from your news feed? It could be do to a number of reasons. However the biggest is lack of interaction.

Sometimes you may read a post and laugh to your self or respond out loud, but never actually engaging with the post itself on Facebook. As a result some of your favorite pages may be missing from your newsfeed.

We found a way to keep this from happening. Instead of telling you, I’ll show you. It’s quick and very easy!

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    Updates You Want To Know

  1. StumbleUpon, reddit and More: New Apps Hit HootSuite’s App Directory

  2. If you already use HootSuite for your social media management you may be excited to learn that this service has been expanded to include five new platforms. This post shares some key features for each of the new additions to the HootSuite App Directory. There is even an instruction video to show you how to install these new apps.

    Data & Results

  3. Social Media Marketing: How I found the Facebook topic that was 371% more effective

  4. An effective post is one that inspires many people to comment on and share the information. You can find your most popular topics by using the reports found on the Facebook Insights page. Using the steps in this article, you can learn how to sort through this information and find the common themes that really engage your followers.

    Tips You Can’t Be Social Without

  5. Social Media, Trick Or Treat?

  6. Halloween is just one of many occasions where you might offer special treats to your followers on social media. These treats are important to keep customers coming back for more. Read on to learn three “tricks” you should avoid playing and what you can do instead to delight your customers.

  7. Brands, Social Media and Customer Service: Are You Ready?

  8. Having good customer service is an important factor in developing and keeping a good reputation for your brand. If a customer has to wait too long for a response you may lose their business or they may not refer others to purchase your product or service. Providing good customer service includes closely monitoring the activity on your social media pages and having someone who can respond in a timely and friendly manner.

  9. 14 Ways to Promote Your Latest YouTube Video

  10. When a blogger posts a new YouTube video there are many things they can do to attract more viewers. For example, they might expand their potential audience by sharing the video on additional social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. The video can also be embedded in a blog post to increase activity there as well. You will find many more tips like this by reading this article.

Your Facebook Insights Could Hold A Hidden Gem: Your Most Popular Topics