Virtual Hired Hand - Take the Stress Out of A Teleclass

Are you a host or hostess with jitters? Me too. I hesitate at the thought of even hosting a party, even if I don’t have to do anything but open the door. I used to present in home art shows and worked with lots of different hosts and even hosted some myself.

The day-of is quite nerve racking because you wonder if anyone will show up, will they be interested in anything, and even before that, putting the guest list together is challenging.

It dawned on me after polling Twitter followers and Facebook friends that how you feel about hosting teleclasses, very much sounds like reasons people don’t like hosting parties.

Are you holding back from hosting a teleclass? Is this you?

Fear #3: You have nothing to talk about.

You could be right. Words are so powerful. If you believe you don’t have anything to talk about, then you don’t. However, what can be done to make you believe you otherwise?

What can you do?

  1. If you currently present, speak, teach, coach to at least one person, re-purpose that information for a more general audience.
  2. If you write or blog regularly utilize that information for your teleclass.

Remember, those who attend come to hear what you have to say. They know who you are, may be familiar with your message, and understand your style of communicating.

Rest easy and be yourself. Perfection is way overrated and keeps you chasing a non-existent pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Fear #2: You don’t have an email list.

As long as you keep what you do or what you offer as secret, your list will remain as is.

What can you do?

  1. Take control of the situation and start telling people about what you do and what you offer.
  2. Use a free teleseminar as a way to build your list.
  3. Utilize the Questions app on Facebook and ask your friends a few multiple choice questions. Not only will they see the question and respond, so will their Facebook friends and on and on.
  4. Retreat, do nothing. Keep all of your gifts, knowledge, wisdom, and information to yourself. Better yet, shut it down and forget the whole online business stuff in the first place.

    This is harsh, however it’s important to see the affects your non-action has on someone else.

    What if your mentor or person you most admire had decided to do nothing when they were right where you sit today? What if they had retreated and did nothing because they didn’t have a list?

Now you see just how important what you have to offer is to someone else. I double dog dare you to do both option A, B and C and share your results.

And the BIGGEST one of them all…

Fear #1: No one shows up for your teleclass.

This is probably the worst thing that could happen, no one shows up.

What can you do?

  1. Take a deep breath and celebrate. We are to be joyful in ALL things. Consider it a practice run and do it anyway. Pretend you’re talking to a good friend who has sought your advice based on your content.
  2. Get a decoy to be on the call. Ask your good friend if they wouldn’t mind attending your call.
  3. Retreat, do nothing. Pretend like you didn’t send emails, updates on Facebook, and tweets regarding your event.

    Yes, I’m definitely being sarcastic. This is not the answer. If you choose this option, it’s almost guaranteed someone will ask you later about your teleclass and if it’s too late to get the recording. Then what will you do?

You can prevent your teleclass from being a no show by offering your followers what they want. Use Survey Monkey or the Facebook
Questions App
if you don’t have a list. Create a very short survey of multiple choice questions. Let them tell you.

And please don’t allow the fear of no one answering your survey keep you from getting it out there. If one person answers, then you know at least one person is interested in your content. Also, you no longer have to be concerned about not having a list, what to say, or who will show up.

One thing is for sure if you decide not to host a teleclass and let your fears get the best of you, you’ll never know who you could have motivated, encouraged, inspired, supported, helped, and the rest.

Now it’s your turn. If this helped address your fears of hosting a teleclass, please share.