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This question was posed over the weekend in one of the private groups I’m in. I couldn’t give a definitive answer at the time and thought to answer it later. The question didn’t come to mind again until today when I was out grabbing lunch.

As I’m on the highway driving and eating, I know, not good, this question popped in my head. All I could do was laugh because Lord knows I could use a ready list of inspiration for my own blog post. Then, the answer popped into my head.

There’s inspiration all over the place for your blog, you just have to know it when you see it.

How do you identify it?

The best way to identify a possible post is based on your response to something. Just like when the idea for this blog post came to mind. I could barely get to a safe spot to write. Ideas were just flowing like crazy.

Where do you look?

How about when watching television or a movie and they say something relative to what you do or that would be of interest to those who follow you?

For example, I went to see “Jumping the Broom” over the weekend. In the movie the couple is discussing how they’ll maintain a long distance relationship. She says to him: “We can SKYPE?”

Can you remember when SKYPE became the buzz word for calling someone?

What about when someone is looking for something and your response is: Google it.

Can you remember when Google became the buzz word for searching online?

It’s been so long we just know what they are and don’t think about it. This topic could easily become a blog post listing other words that we’ve come to accept as part of our vernacular.

If you spend a fair amount of time online reading other blog posts, or keeping up with social media statuses, you can find material to work from, not just from your followers and friends, but others’ followers and friends as well.

By “liking” Facebook pages relative to your topic, you can spy and read what other people are saying. Find out what they’re struggling with, what their challenges are, or how they’d like it to be resolved.

I remember reading someone’s Facebook wall and one of the posts was a lady describing her business. She said it was just a small business and she had a little website.

Words are powerful and that encouraged me to speak life into my business and realize an at home business does not mean small. And if you work online, you travel more during your day than someone else who works with only local clients. Small should only be used when describing how you tackle big goals, by breaking it into small chunks.

Think about comedians. Where do they get their material? A lot of them use real life experiences because people, places, and things can be really funny.

Keep your eyes and ears open everywhere you go. You never know when your inspiration could be walking towards you.

I’m writing this from a local park and a guy is walking with his radio blasting Eminem and playing a frisbee game. Let me rephrase that, he’s got his strut on as the music plays. There’s something about a baseline that adds a little umph to a walk. Anyway, get out, there’s lots of material waiting for you.

Now it’s your turn. Where do you find inspiration for your blog post?

This post was inspired by Carol Giambri who asked this question in the first place.