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Wonder Why No One Is Buying Anything? A Letter To Online Business Owners From Your Potential Customer

To all the business owners who sell products online and those who are on the fence teeter tottering on whether to sell or not to sell:

If you want me to buy what you have make it easy for me. Tell me what to buy and I will.

It doesn’t matter whether I can use PayPal or my debit/credit card, I just need clear instructions on what to do.

For those who use PayPal, thanks for the convenience. I’ll never forget my email address for PayPal. And to those of you who require a credit card, thank you for helping me give my decision a second, thought. It’s just too much trouble to grab my purse and get my debit card out. Thank you for protecting me from myself. Your checkout makes it so much easier to wait 24 hours before making a final decision, that’s if I remember your web address.

I really want you to tell me what to buy. Sure I could look through your online catalog, but it’s confusing me and causes me to go wondering somewhere else like Facebook or another website to make a purchase.

Please note this scenario plays out when I’m impulse buying or just cruising the Internet waiting for the right opportunity to BUY NOW!

If you’ve got something I really want, I’ll get my card, if I must. If you’re selling something I could easily say No to, something that is not required for me to have a good quality of life, I highly recommend you use PayPal. Some people think it’s “unprofessional”, however Who’s Defining Professional In Your World?

PayPal can be used by itself or with shopping carts like 1Shopping Cart, e-Junkie, or PayLoadz to name a few. It doesn’t matter to me just make it easy. And if you really want me to BUY NOW and you’ve got several different products or a whole store like Amazon, simplify it.

If there’s something I should order first, tell me, make it clear, use Start Here » or You’ll want this first. Make it clear.

If there’s no clear system in relation to your product, categorize it so I can decide which department to shop from. Think Amazon, department store, grocery store, easy and convenient.


After I’ve bought something, I’ll want you to email me on a regular basis. Let me know in an email message following my purchase that I’ll also receive your weekly newsletter as a free gift for purchasing from you.

Tell me what your newsletter is about. I like good information and learning more about who you are.

Your newsletter can tell me things like:

  1. What’s going on with you

  2. What other products you’ve got

  3. How it’s being used

  4. What other customers are saying

  5. Tips on how to use what you offer

Why do you think millions of people watch reality shows and why reality TV has completely taken over? Even shows we don’t like, (cough, cough) Mob Wives, we watch because it’s unbelievable. People are nosy and want to know what’s going on.

And while you’re providing information, support, whatever it is that you do, we’re also cheering you on. Telling our friends and family all about you. And if you’re really good at what you do, my friends will jump onboard too.

The next thing you know, we’re making sure the other knows the latest news, products, and updates from you even though we both may be on your list.

You’ve now become a household name. It’s one big happy online family because you’re sending me something each week to push me, challenge me, make me buy, make me laugh, and so on.

So what will it be, will you let me buy something already? Or do I have to move on to another website that wants paying customers?

Thanks in advance,
Your Loving Customer Waiting To Buy Something Already

Now it’s your turn. Share what you’d love to tell your favorite website regarding their shopping experience or newsletter.