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Important Social Media Updates You Want To Know & Tips You Can’t Be Social Without
In This Week’s Weekend Roundup

    Updates You Want To Know

  1. Twitter updates Vine for iOS so you can shoot with the front-facing camera and mention users in posts

  2. Vine, the app for recording and sharing short video clips, has been updated with two new features. Users can now record with both the iPhone rear and front-facing camera. Also, other users can be tagged in comments or captions and they will receive a notification about the mention.

  3. Instagram Now Lets Anyone Tag You [Or Brands] In Photos, Adds Them To “Photos Of You” Profile Section

  4. Tagging other users in photos is a popular feature on Facebook. Now, Instagram has added a similar feature with the latest update to their iOS and Android apps. Users who are tagged will be able to remove the tag or require approval before tagged photos show up on their profile. You can learn more here about how to use photo tags in Instagram.

  5. Facebook Rolls Out Trusted Contacts

  6. Facebook users can now designate trusted contacts that can verify their identity. This will allow users to receive security codes so they can access their account when they are unable to log in. This process will make it easier to restore an account after it has been compromised.

  7. LinkedIn turns online resumes into professional portfolios

  8. LinkedIn users will now have more options available to showcase their work. Videos and images can be added to an online resume so it is not just text. Here, you will find some examples of how people in different professions can use this new feature to really demonstrate the skills and experience they have.

    How-Tos To Help You Do Social Better

  9. How To Measure Your Social Media Return On Investment

  10. Many business owners find it worthwhile to be on social media, but aren’t sure exactly how to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. Being able to measure ROI can help a business determine if they need to make adjustments in their strategy. Check out these three methods: metric tools, interactions, and analyzing traffic.

    Tips You Don’t Want To Be Social Without

  11. Twitter Trouble: 9 Social Media Security Tips

  12. Twitter is working on implementing a two-factor authentication process to help keep accounts secure, but there are other important steps you can take to protect your social media accounts. Most important is using strong passwords to guard against phishing attacks. Read on to learn about more security tips that are not as well known.

    The Affects Of Social Media

  13. How Social Media Impacts Your Search Rankings

  14. Did you know the content you post on social media creates “social signals” to help determine your search ranking? Here, you can learn a few simple tips from industry experts on how to improve your social signals. Being intentional in what you post may get more people to share the information.

  15. How Social Media is Changing the SEO Industry

  16. Social media has changed how people relate online and search for information. SEO is constantly evolving and there are many different opinions on how to improve search rankings. Continue reading to find out about five major social factors that have already impacted SEO.

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