Happy Thanksgiving and A Strong Finish Is A Great Way To End The Year
Tiffany Johnson

The first time I saw this video it was in 2009 for a class I was taking online. It completely rocked my world. You know you can do anything, but this, wow. This was truly a manifestation of being able to do anything.

We are so blessed with so much regardless of what you have or don’t have. Even when you think you don’t have, you’ve still got something more than someone else and the same for them.

Today is Thanksgiving. Take the time to really see your family and friends for who they are from God’s standpoint and not your own. Even the one that everyone has said is “no good” has been labeled good by God. You know He don’t make no junk:)

I don’t take it for granted that you’re reading this. It’s time out of your day that you’ll never get back and to spend that with me, here, I’m honored and appreciate you.

As we quickly approach another month, the peak of the holiday season, reflect on what you’ve done so far this year.

Write down all that you’re grateful for.

Note your goals for this year.

What got accomplished?

What didn’t get accomplished?

What do you still have time to do?

Will you finish 2011 strong?

Now it’s your turn. Please share in the comments below. After watching this video what changes will you make? How will your thoughts change as you make decisions about your business, online presence, and website?