Hashtags on Facebook and Analytics for Pinterest?
Important Social Media Updates You Want To Know & Tips You Can’t Be Social Without
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Updates You Want To Know

  1. Introducing Pinterest Web Analytics

  2. If you are interested in learning even more about Pinterest Web Analytics, this blog post includes the steps to get started using this new tool. It is only available to those who have a verified website listed on their Pinterest profile. Read on to find out what type of data is available to download.

  3. Pinterest offers new tool, lays base for money-making features

  4. Pinterest Web Analytics is a free tool that provides website owners with data on user activity. Now, businesses can see how many people have visited their site from Pinterest as well as information about pins that have originated from their site. This is part of the preparation to monetize this rapidly growing social network.

  5. Facebook begins rolling out new one-column Timeline with increased emphasis on interests

  6. Be prepared for another change to the Timeline. Facebook has redesigned the layout so that status updates will remain in a single column on the right side with photos and other activity on the left. Along with this cleaner look there will be a dedicated section where users can add their interests in music, movies, books, and television shows.

  7. Twitter Now Supports Line Breaks in Tweets

  8. Twitter users can now put line breaks in their tweets to spread the text over several different lines. This new feature works on both the website and the mobile app but is not supported with embedded tweets. It will be interesting to see how many users will stick with using a block of text and how many will take advantage of this opportunity to make their text stand out more.

  9. Facebook to Introduce Hashtags – And That’s a Double-Edged Sword for Twitter

  10. The competition between Facebook and Twitter continues to heat up as Facebook plans to incorporate its own version of the hashtag. This will allow users to view posts associated with a specific theme or topic that is trending. This may also provide advertisers with another way to target people who are interested in specific subjects.

    Tips You Don’t Want To Be Social Without

  11. Social Media Lessons from a 2-Year-Old

  12. Some of the lessons we learn early in life still apply to us as adults. This is especially true when people venture into new territory and don’t find what they expect. Sometimes we have to let go of trying to control things and be more open to learning. This article explains how this applies to social media.

  13. Avoiding Common Social Media Mistakes

  14. Making the best use of time and energy is important for a small business owner. With the right information and proper planning you can make your social media efforts more impactful. As you go along you learn what works and what needs to be tweaked to work better. Here are four pitfalls to watch out for during this process.

  15. 16 Ways Businesses Are Using Twitter Vine

  16. Vine is a new mobile app for recording and sharing up to six seconds of looping video on Twitter and Facebook. You might feel inspired to create your own Vine video after seeing some of the creative ways that businesses are using them. This is a great way to tell your brand’s story, showcase your products, and bring things to life.

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