Have you made your online community your friends?

I’m working on a digital marketing audit and this question came to me…

Are you treating your Facebook page/community like your friends or like you are the expert and they’re your audience?

My favorite pages on Facebook, the ones I go to directly from the search bar, are friends with their community. They share their life not just their work. I can name family members, their favorite store or restaurant, what they’re reading or fun projects they’re working on.

It’s really making me think.

It explains why social media is “so hard”. We make it hard by not realizing there are people on the other end.

If we did life and shared it, it would be a lot easier than trying to conjure up a motivational quote.

And I love a great quote. They come to my mind as well. It’s the stuff that gets us constipated in our minds that keep us from hitting ‘Publish’ or ‘Post’. Even when it comes to emails.

It’s very easy to get stuffy and over professional in our writing.

I’m not a copywriter, however I love reading and can even hear the voice behind the words. There’s a big difference between chatting it up with a friend and listening to a professor in a classroom. It’s not a one sided conversation. It’s a pleasure and you look forward to the next chat.

Yes, same can be said for our writing when it’s a conversation. The person on the other end will read it again, look forward to the next time, and maybe even engage with it by responding.

When you make people feel like part of the conversation whether they ever comment, you’ve got a friend/community member for life.

The next time you set out to write an email, ebook, social media post, etc, think of your friend on the other end. Get them to start looking for you daily from their search bar. 😉

Over the last ten years, I’ve seen boring, cold, dry autoresponder emails. When the person writing was the complete opposite.

If you struggle with your real voice matching your written voice, start saying out loud what you want to say. Record it if you need to. Then and type it out or have someone else do it.

If words hit you fast and furious like mine do, grab something to write on or grab your phone and start typing. Before you know it, you’ll have a full blog posts and an email to send to your list.

And don’t worry about trying to set it up, that’s what we’re here for http://virtualhiredhand.com/funnel-express-package/

Make it Fabulous!
Tiffany 💗