The Holiday Virtual Assistant

by Tiffany Johnson

Since starting my business in 2008, I have never taken a straight week off. The time is now as I am getting married and going on my honeymoon.

On Friday, December 7th, I have the honor and privilege of marrying my best friend and love of my life. I’m smiling as I write this because thinking of him and the time we’ve shared over the last 2 years has been amazing. I thank God everyday for him because he is beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of. It’s true, God gives you the desires of your heart and then some. Over and above what you could ever ask or think of.

During my time away, it was important for me to continue caring for my clients. However, I had to think of the best strategy to ensure existing projects and task run smoothly. My team does a super job and up until this point we do a lot of communicating via email. It was time we got on the phone for a quick chat.

I spoke with each one of my team members, I have two fabulous ladies that assist me, LaTasha and Shannon. They’ve been with us for months now and are exceptional at what they do. They also keep me on my toes and help me remember things for my own business that I tend to forget. Yes, virtual assistants need virtual assistants too.

When working with a virtual assistant it’s important to provide the overall picture for your team. It really helps them understand how it all comes together. When your virtual assistant understands how what he or she does fits into the big picture, it brings clarity.

Teamwork is important when it comes to building a virtual team even when it’s just a team of two. The more your virtual assistant understands about what you do, the more he or she can contribute.

If you’ve been working with a virtual assistant all year, why not enlist additional services from them during the holiday. Your virtual assistant can be the eyes and ears for your business making you aware of the absolute necessities so you can enjoy your family.

Here are some recommendations on how a virtual assistant can serve you this holiday season:

  • Provide email support and keep your inbox from being too crazy upon your return.

  • Handle urgencies as they arise.

  • Make you aware of only the things that absolutely cannot wait until your return.

  • Keep your social media activity going in addition to your spontaneous updates that you share about your vacation and family time.

  • Publish your blog content and send out your newsletter as usual without missing a beat.

  • Answer any client care questions that may come up regarding purchases or general questions.

These are just a few things your virtual assistant can provide for you during your time away. This not only applies for the holidays, but anytime of the year that you plan to be out of the office. You may even decide these tasks are things that could be outsourced on a regular basis so you can focus on what generates income for you.

I’d like to know your questions regarding outsourcing and working with a virtual team. This will help ensure you’re getting the exact information you need so you don’t hesitate when it comes to taking time off.

Post your question in the comments below. I look forward to helping make this holiday stress free not only while you’re away, but before and after you return as well.