I Heard Twitter Does Not Create Sales
by Tiffany Johnson

Recently someone asked if Twitter was worth it, because they heard you can’t make money using Twitter. As I was reading the comment, I just shook my head, because I know differently.

First of all, you should not set out to use any type of social media to sell your wares. When it comes to SOCIAL media, it’s about being social first. You know, building relationships.

Why do so many people get awkward when it comes to being social online?

Could it be because we’ve always had a “corporate us” and “home us” and now things have changed that are requiring us to merge the two? Not realizing that you’ve been the one person all along.

It’s time to relax and be your wonderful, marvelous, and unique self God created you to be and on some days that means talk about your food. Yes, I know, but we do want to know.

Why do you think people aren’t interested in what you’re eating?

How many times have you been out to eat and the waiter or waitress walks by with a large tray of food and your eyes follow it to someone else’s table. You in turn look at all of the dishes while trying to decide what you’re going to eat. Or maybe you’re already eating your food and more than likely your eyes still follow the large tray of food. Similar concept when it comes to social media.

We’re interested in what other people are doing.

Ever been sitting somewhere, maybe at a hair salon or doctors office, and while minding your own business, reading a book, someone comes along and asks, “what are you reading?” This in turn sparks up a conversation whether you feel like it or not around your book. You’ve now found a common ground which may cause you to talk about other things. This is exactly how things flow on Facebook and Twitter. When there’s a common interest, we want to talk about it, share it, or at least let the other person know that we, LIKE it!

Back to the question about whether you can make money on Twitter…it completely depends on your social engagement.

Are you fun to hang around?

The great part about social media is you can be fun and full of energy whether you physically feel like it or not. Your fingers do the talking and interacting for you. I’ve found this to be true, the more energy and fun I’m having from being online, the more energy and fun I start to have offline.

When you’re fun to hangout with, we don’t mind you sharing your product or service because we’ve already connected in some way.

I feel like I know you and may even be calling you by first name. This is why it’s SO important to use a friendly, warm, and welcoming pic on your profiles. If I cannot bare looking at your profile pic, or it gives me the heebie jeebies, or I say “man, I wish she would change that pic”, guess what folks? This translates to not wanting to hang around you, which means you won’t have the opportunity to share your stuff.

If you’re not on the main platforms of social media like Facebook and Twitter, you will not have the opportunity to see whether social media makes you money or not. All I know is that I have met several clients on Twitter and they were not responding to an all points bulletin that said:


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Be fun to hangout with FIRST and then we can discuss what you’ve got for sale.

P.S – We’ve got a Facebook Challenge coming up. We want to help you build engagement and community on your Facebook page. It won’t be for everyone. The details are being finalized as you read this. Look for it!

I Heard Twitter Does Not Create Sales