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From Idea to Hobby to Online Business: Extreme Couponing for Beginners

I’m writing this blog post for Danielle and anyone else struggling with how they can start an online business with something they enjoy and something that other people are seeking. She has no earthly idea I’m doing this and we’ve only met through a Facebook Group.

If you’ve seen my previous blog post about the coupon divas, she’s the founder of that group. I’ve been wanting to reach out to her for a while now
and got the nerve the other day to send her a private message on Facebook.

This was my message:

Hi Danielle!

You do such an awesome job with the Coupon group. Ever thought of making it a business? It seems there’s always someone new looking to learn the steps of how to get started with coupons, including myself:)



And this was her response:

Yes – I do need to – any suggestions???

I could sense the excitement in her message and wanted to provide suggestions, but wasn’t sure exactly how. I’m working on not being overly excited for the possibilities of someone else, however I do embrace the fact that I want everyone to succeed in what they’ve been called to.

I’ve found many people don’t even realize their feet are planted exactly where they should be, where they should create and where the rivers of abundance will flow if they take notice.

Danielle is a guru couponer. I’ve been a not so visible presence in this group and pop in on the weekends and some days to see what everyone has saved on their latest excursion to the grocery store.

One thing I noticed that continually happens in this group is that each time a new couponer joins they ask the same questions. What do I need to do to get started couponing? Where should I store my coupons? Do you take your coupons every where you go?

And many more questions like this. Right now the group has over 750 members and growing each day. I’ve even had a few people ask me to invite them to the group after reading the blog post on what I learned when I first joined the group.

Being me, I immediately saw the potential in the development of this group and the desire for people to save money at the grocery store and most recently the gas station. Danielle took a picture showing a receipt where her husband earned $24.91 towards his next gas purchase thanks to the partnership between certain grocery stores and gas stations.

I bet you didn’t know you can now swipe your grocery store savings card and get credit based on your gas purchase;)

So back to Danielle and how she can channel her savings hobby into a successful business online.

Please note I make no guarantees or promises on this. I just see potential and my philosophy is go for it! She’s already providing the information and is sitting in the midst of her ideal clients without even realizing it. These are women from all over the United States in this group, not just in her local area.

If you do something similiar that is in high demand, replace what is listed for couponing with what you do.

Here are some options:

  • Write a How To Get Started Ebook and sell it online.
  • Create videos each time you go shopping with your coupons showing us exactly how it’s done.
  • Upload those videos to YouTube and optimize them for search engines.
  • It’s an absolute must that you create a website.
  • Host paid webinars taking newbies like myself through the process of how to get started with coupons.

Truth be told you’ve got everything you need already at your fingertips. It’s just a matter of what you’ll do to move forward and see what happens when you go for it!

Now it’s your turn:

In the comments below, please share your experience as an online business owner and if coupons have made a difference for you, your family, and your business.

P.S – I get all kinds of ideas for people to get started online. My specialty is pointing you in the right direction and then being your in house assistant virtually for what you’ll do online. If you’re struggling on how teleclasses or digital products can help your business note that in the comments below. You may be featured next…