Imagine Being Able to Purchase Within Twitter and Instagram…Enter Chirpify!
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    Updates You Want To Know

  1. Now Playing: Video Ads Arrive On LinkedIn

  2. LinkedIn is now offering video advertising on its self-serve platform. These video ads can sync with YouTube videos and will operate like the current text and image ads where the user can click through to see more content. With a variety of options available to pay for these ads, both small and large advertisers can try this out for brand promotion.

  3. Chirpify expands beyond Twitter, integrates its simple in-stream commerce platform with Instagram

  4. Brands can now use a simple tool from Chirpify to sell items on Instagram. Payments are easily facilitated through this transaction service for users who want to make a purchase or a donation. Sellers and fundraisers just need to create a listing with a specific comment and Chirpify will immediately handle the next steps to make a transaction possible.

  5. Chirpify Enables Buying and Selling on Instagram

  6. Some Twitter users are already familiar with in-stream commerce made available by Chirpify. Now Instagram users will have the same ability to exchange funds using PayPal without leaving the photo-sharing site. Read on to find out how this new feature works for businesses, fundraisers, and consumers.

    Tips You Can’t Be Social Without

  7. The Secret Behind Pinterest’s Growth Was Marketing, Not Engineering, Says CEO Ben Silbermann

  8. Pinterest has grown to become one of the top sources for online referral traffic. Much of their success is attributed to their grassroots marketing efforts. They figured out right away who their active users were and focused on finding more people like them. This is a different approach than many other startups have taken, but the success of Pinterest shows just how far you can go using creative strategies to build a sense of community.

Imagine Being Able to Purchase Within Twitter and Instagram...Enter Chirpify!