It’s my birthday week and I’m inching closer to 50 than I’d like. Closer, but still far enough away that if you round it off it’s 40. So in a since I’ll be 40 😂

Last week the hubs and I attended a small business event to learn how to get city contracts. We got lots of great information and met some interesting people.

Something you may not know about me is that I’m an introvert. I love people and deep conversations, it’s the “how’s the weather” that gets me stuck.

I’ve pretty much got that down pat for when I pass people at the gym:

Morning! It’s Fall
Morning! Fall. Is. Here.
Morning! It’s nice out.

I’m getting exhausted just typing that out. Lol!

This is why when there’s an event, social or networking, I’m ready, even excited. Then as it gets closer I’m looking for a way out.

However, this city event, I couldn’t back out of because I’d RSVP’d and confirmed again when they said there was a waitlist.

I have no idea where I’m going with this story. I just have to get it out of my head and start writing.

It’s like that sometimes when you know there’s something you must do and you’re being held back. And it doesn’t matter who’s the one holding you back.

Oh. I know what it was.

There were different speakers and they were yelling out their contact information for people to write down. Drove. Me. Nuts.

The whole time I’m thinking there’s a better way to do this:

-business card
-have a slide on the screen with your contact information
-only give your one main form of contact… your WEBSITE

and guess what?

Your website has your name, email, phone, and social media links. ALL of your forms of contact.

Better yet, they could have given away a free ebook, video guide or audio training to build their email list. I was proud when one speaker gave this as a tip.

There are different systems out there that let you build your list on the go, without yelling out your full 10 digit phone number. And then we in turn are supposed to text you to request your ebook and then you email us.

Yep, that happened…

except I gave my business card and got an email the same day via my contact form, with the person’s phone AND email saying to contact them to get the free ebook. Ummmm…🤔

Don’t let this be you. If it’s the technology that’s holding you back, let me help

If it’s something else, I’m curious, what is it?

Are you a coach, speaker, or trainer? The next time you have to speak in front of an in-person audience, seek a “text to join” option to build your email list. You need something quick and easy.

My wheels are turning. I’ll research and share my findings with you tomorrow.

Make it Fabulous!
Tiffany 💗