This came to me a few weeks ago while on vacation. I was attempting to watch a free video mini course. My location did not have free Wi-Fi UGH! However I’m always prepared and whipped out my Verizon card and logged in no problems. However as I was watching the videos it would stop buffer, play, stop buffer play.

UGH! Very frustrating as the information I was watching was most beneficial.

It made me wonder: Are we serving our audience when we provide one format for receiving our information? It could also be strategic move on the part of the presenter? Since we all know people learn differently maybe providing several forms of receiving information makes it that much more valuable.

Also consider there are several different learning styles:

  1. Auditory: Where you learn through listening
  2. Tactile/Kinesthic: Where you learn by doing, moving, touching
  3. Visual: Where you learn through seeing

Imagine if you received an Ebook that also came with an audio version. This has happened to me on two occasions and I’ve utilized both formats. Or if you received an e-newsletter where the feature article was written and in audio format. I’ve also experienced the benefits of this. It’s great when you’re on the go! Considering most people are holding their Internet connection in the palm of their hands at some point in the day it makes since to provide several formats of the information.

The next time you create your next E-newsletter/Ezine, Feature Article, Video Blog Post, or Teleseminar, consider the different learning styles along with the various Internet connections that people have. While we can’t be all things to all people, we can offer various options to get our information to those who are interested that learn differently or are technically challenged like I was a few weeks ago.