A week ago I embarked on my own personal New Year. Yep, it was my birthday and it was amazing! My husband surprised me everyday from Wednesday to Saturday. My cheeks hurt from grinning and laughing.

Now, I’m hooked on Kindle Fire, a new toy I got for my birthday. I’m hoping it will help me read things faster, however I’ve rediscovered one of my favorites games that I stopped playing.

No, not Candy Crush, Diner Dash. Oh my, you must check it out. It’s relaxing while at the same time challenging to the brain.

It hadn’t occurred to me until I got my Kindle Fire that it’s included with mobile devices. I guess it is a kind of tablet in the general sense, however any time I’ve referenced mobile devices, it was not on my list.

One of my Twitter buddies asked if it’s worth the “Fire” in Kindle. Most definitely! In fact, it’s the “Fire” that makes it a mobile device.

You can:

  • Email

  • Utilize Apps

  • Listent to Audio Books

  • Watch Videos

  • Listen Music

  • Read Magazines

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Search the web

ALL in addition to accessing books and Amazon!

From this point forward if you were like me and excluding Kindle in your mind when referencing mobile devices it’s time to change that! You may have a customer that only has Kindle Fire…

Here’s what’s happening in social media of late:

  • Vine is trying to catchup to Instagram by allowing you to edit videos.

  • LinkedIn is making some changes to their service that involves the iPad, iOS Mail and more.

  • And we’ve posted articles about this previously, Facebook is serious video ads are coming to our phones!

Check this out and more…helping you be in the know socially!

  1. Vine Update Lets Users Edit Videos, Save Multiple Drafts

  2. Two big new features for Vine have been added to the latest update for iOS and Android. Time Travel allows users to edit videos by removing or replacing a clip that that has already been posted. Sessions is the other new tool that allows users to create and edit multiple drafts and switch between projects.

  3. LinkedIn announces Intro, a new service that brings LinkedIn profiles into the iOS Mail app

  4. LinkedIn has launched a new iPad app, a redesigned Pulse app, and a new feature for iOS Mail called Intro. Once Intro is installed, if the sender of an email has a LinkedIn profile some of their basic information will appear in the message along with an area to tap for more details. Continue reading to learn more about all of these updates and new features.

  5. Video ads coming to a Facebook mobile app near you

  6. Mobile app advertisers will soon be able purchase video ads on the Facebook app for iPhone and Android. This will allow app developers to show a video featuring their mobile app to help users decide if they want to install it. Facebook is also offering a cost-per-action option for app advertisers so they can pay by installs or other actions instead of just by clicks or impressions.

  7. Google Hangouts for iOS can call US & Canada for free, receive Google Voice calls

  8. The latest version of Google Hangouts allows iOS users to make phone calls and those with a Google Voice account can receive calls as well. Outgoing calls will display the Google Voice number and incoming calls will appear right in the Hangout app. International calls can also be made for a fee.

  9. A Look at Ads on Instagram

  10. Instagram users in the U.S. will soon see a sample ad in their feed so they can get an idea of how the new ads will look and feel. Photo and video advertisements will display the word “Sponsored” instead of the usual time stamp in the upper right-hand corner. In the bottom right-hand corner is the option to hide the ad and provide feedback.

  11. Facebook makes move to objective-based ad creation, reporting

  12. Facebook recently announced that they are changing the flow of how advertisements are created by putting the advertising objective first. Some of the objectives available include clicks to website, app installs, and event responses. Facebook will continue to place specific ads where they perform the best, but marketers can now tailor the ad based on where it will be placed.