You Can Learn A Lot From A Teenager On Instagram
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  1. How to Keep from Being a “Creeper” on Social Media

  2. How a person interacts with your social media content can be an indication of the amount of time they have spent looking at your profile. If you want to gather information about someone, make sure you are paying attention to the trail you may leave along the way. Also, check to make sure you aren’t making any of these other social mistakes online.

  3. How to Use Instagram Like a 15-year-old Girl

  4. Teenagers are at the forefront of social networking and have a lot to share about what different sites and apps have to offer. If you are using Instagram to simply post photos of items, you may want to consider adding some pictures of people and using some editing tools. Continue reading for eight tips on how to make your Instagram posts more eye-catching.

  5. How to Use Pinterest Analytics: 6 Metrics Worth Measuring

  6. Do you know how successful your marketing strategy is on Pinterest? By regularly measuring your results, you can determine what kind of content really captures the attention of your audience. This article provides instructions on how to use the Pinterest analytics tool to review the best metrics for you to focus on.

    Tips You Don’t Want To Be Social Without

  7. 6 Myths About Social Media Marketing

  8. Some ideas are repeated so often that we mistakenly accept them as true. A strong social media marketing strategy relies on facts rather than myths to determine where to invest time and other resources. Check out this article to find out if you are limiting yourself by following these six misconceptions.

  9. 3 Big Brand Social Media Strategies for Small Business Budgets

  10. Some small business owners dabble in social media but really aren’t sure how to use it as an effective marketing tool. Here, a social media marketing consultant shares three strategies big brands use that don’t require a large budget. Find out how to go deeper and avoid spreading yourself too thin.

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